Manage and publish courses like successful Brands!

Manage and publish courses

Your targeted study guide fast, efficient and through every communication channel!

Earlier this month I had a conversation with a marketing team from a big institute. One of the topics was the challenge of communicating the programs of study. These persons told me that they see this as a difficult subject. Honestly: I think that this isn’t strange. It is challenging…

How can you offer the programs of study in a better way

To a group that seems to become heterogeneous and with more demands! Which channels to use and how do I position my message in a more appealing way? Online and mobile are crucial, but also hardcopy brochures and information given on open days are still very important. The target groups with who institutes want to communicate become more and more divers: not only the traditional Student but also internationals, companies, professionals, the elderly, and other educational institutes are relevant audiences.

Relevant to your target group

In another workshop I met a marketer and she told me. “When we are reaching out to the Indian Market for our post graduate program, we actually want to differentiate our messaging to make the programm appealing to the situation in India. Can you support us with a solution for combining structured content with targeted unstructured content and help us to deliver this content consistently through all our touch points? We work with local agents, create websites, send e-emails, organize events”

Manage and publish courses

Based on a lifetime of experience in education, combined with best practices. And software that is used by many successful brands. By collecting both, structured as well as unstructured content in one environment, educational institutes have the opportunity to rapidly spread their academic offer throughout different communication channels. Next to that, the solution helps to optimize the internal preparation process: relevant master data (e.g. study code, start date, locations and pricing) is automatically linked! Texts and additional details, such as study load, pre-education, and relevant sectors can be maintained. Multi-channel publishing of the academic offer to the institute’s website, to a brochure or App will happen in the blink of an eye!

Learn from the best

The solution that is used by big companies like 3M, Nespresso, OTTO and Asics is now translated to the education market. Elements like academic years, multiple start dates for a module and or different locations, you can derive them directly from your system. The solution is multilingual and the content can easily be optimized for different target groups. This will make your communication more effective and the number of students that will choose YOUR institute will grow!

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