Software Out of the Box

Software Out of the Box

Out of the Box, ready to roll. A phrase that is very relevant these days.

A year ago, to celebrate the birth of my baby girl Elise, I purchased a new cell phone and a fancy camera. So that we could capture all precious moments she is going to give us. Without reading any manual I was operational with both devices in seconds. They just work, out of the box!

Looking back on my investment, I realize that I hardly use the fancy camera. Let alone use ALL the functionality that it has to offer. There are so many functions and features that I simply do not use, nor understand. It is too heavy and sharing our precious moments is not even that user friendly. As a result, I feel that I paid way more then what I actually needed.

The phone however, is what we use 80% of the time to capture Elise. Easy and ready to use when we need it. It can easily be integrated with so many other devices it becomes the central application of daily life.


What features do you need Out of the Box?

This is also applicable for the software you need to run your day to day business. When everybody is looking at advanced features and functions of specialized software, we tend to forgot what is actually most important. And above all, does anybody even check if all those ‘nice to haves’ are really adding business value, or what it costs your organization to get it implemented?

When focusing on the core, you focus on what you need: Software which is:

  • Ready to Run, anywhere – anytime
  • Only pay for what you actually use
  • Easy to operate, Easy to integrate
  •  ALL out of the box! Ready for the future.

itelligence recognizes the need for core ERP software, ranging from CRM to Financials, with fast implementations. As ERP system integrator for mid and large accounts we advise SAP Business ByDesign for your M&A and subsidiaries.

With over 100 cloud implementations we have all the enablers in place to do a swift and smooth implementation.

Want to learn more? Visit the SAP Business ByDesign page or register yourself for the ByDesign webinar on May 30.

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