Webinar: Show your products the best way with it.product catalog – the perfect AddOn for your Sales Strategy

Enhance your e-commerce strategy using it.product catalog for clear product presentations.

Modern e-commerce platforms (B2B and B2C) are characterized by their fast provide of all necessary information regarding certain products. Media such as videos, product data sheets and many more are now part of daily business in providing product information. Mass-print catalogs belong to the past – today, we receive product upgrades, special sales and important product information by email to be perfectly informed. Bricks-and-mortar retail is also having to fight online competition. Many chains are already active online themselves and generate large revenues in this way. Why should you not make use of this offline in other areas as well and convince your customers with simple product comparisons, high-resolution videos, attractive images and the option to enter offers and orders directly during a customer visit? The webinar offers you a complete overview of the great functionality and different use cases of it.product catalog, which can easily enrich your already existing e-commerce strategy by additional offline capacities.


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