Webinar – Monitoring GDPR Risk with SAP Information Steward


GDPR goes further and deeper in detailing the scope of personal data and individual rights with implications for analytical roles within organisations. You need to ensure the correct level of consent from the individual has been given to allow the analysis of personal data with evidence on how privacy has been built into your processes. From single source, multi-source and enterprise data warehouse BI architectures, you need to consider the implications of GDPR risk within data warehouses and BI solutions.

Join our webinar on 21st September and discover how SAP BusinessObjects customers can create business rules, policies and information governance processes that help define data ownership in accordance with GDPR.

We’ll introduce SAP Information Steward and explain how an organisation can gain insight into how PII data is processed within their DWH and SAP BI systems. SAP information Steward combines data profiling and metadata management tools to provide you with continuous insight into the nature and accuracy of your personal data across landscapes. Additionally, with a live demonstration, we’ll show you how to profile data & metadata, set up business rules, identify data lineage and build dashboards/reports to monitor GDPR related activities.

So, if you are currently unable to answer the following questions, you need to attend this session:

  • Do you know what personal data you have within your BI landscape?
  • Who owns the data? (What systems does the data come from?)
  • How is it processed through your BI system?
  • How long should you have it for?
  • Who can access the data inside your BI suite?

SAP BusinessObjects customers need to think carefully about the above questions in relation to their BI platform and day to day activities that support decision making across their organisation.

Register here to join our GDPR webinar and form a solid foundation for an effective data protection initiative.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.