itelligence UK Annual Conference 2013 – Refresh. Discover. Learn… in one day

– written by Darren O’Key, itelligence itelligence Business Solutions (UK) Ltd. –

The 24th of September sees the annual itelligence UK Customer Conference, and this is the third year that I will be participating.  In previous years the main focus of my presentations have been summaries of the new functionality available in SAP ERP enhancement packs, and this year too I will present a session on how customers can maximise their SAP investment – including using the Business Function Prediction tool to suggest enhancements that may be relevant to them.  SAP have recently improved this tool to make it even easier for customers to use.  So, since it is a free service, I ask myself ‘why would any business not want to use the tool?’.

In addition this year, I will also be presenting a session entitled ‘Lowering the Risk of an Increased SAP Footprint: An Overview of Rapid Deployment Solutions for Operations’.  A bit of a mouthful of a title, I admit!  The aim of this session is to provide an introduction to Rapid Deployment Solutions to the conference attendees and make them aware of the breadth of solutions available across the operational business functions.  We will talk about the RDS concepts as well as discussing particular solutions from SAP and partners such as itelligence.  Whilst it is impossible to go into any of the solutions in any real detail, we will briefly shine the spotlight on the Rapid Deployment Solution for Supply Chain Event Management.  This RDS is of particular interest since not only can it provide alerts to operations managers when events or exceptions take place, or if expected events do not occur, but it can also be deployed as an ERP add-on (with no need for additional hardware).  And as with all Rapid Deployment Solutions, the focus is on delivering a fixed scope at a fixed price, leading to a lower risk project.

See you on 24th!

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