The latest white paper from itelligence: The impact of omni-channel commerce on supply chain


Implementing an e-commerce or an omni-channel strategy will dramatically change the way supply chains are operating for a company.

In this white paper we analyze the business impacts of omni-channel solutions on supply chains. Important questions will be: What are the challenges for a warehouse management system? How does the switch to a new strategy influence the management of the safety stock calculations? Moreover, we will have a look at some established internet key players. We learn about their ways to manage the complexity of omni-channel, describe the strategies and talk about processes they have implemented. Next to questions like from where the goods shall be shipped, we address topics like separated logistical processes for companies, that run several channels.
Our white paper can give you necessary support, to analyze possible challenges – in advance – before you implement your omni-channel solution.

Follow the link to the white paper: The Impact of Omni-Channel Commerce on Supply Chains

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