A buying revolution? If you think your customers and future customers will not change their behavior, you don’t have to read this post!

Commerce and customer engagement is a hot topic. Particularly at SAP after they bought hybris last year. I would like to share with you why I think this topic is important for your future business and how we – at itelligence – make sure that SAP Hybris provides you the most value!

You might have noticed that the business world changed drastically during the last decade. This has a major effect on how customers buy products. I recently bought cognac brown leather shoes online at a company I did not know before and I have to admit that I can’t remember the name of the online shop at this moment. Customer Loyalty seems to be an issue. Especially with mobile devices everywhere, and with customers deciding immediately with these devices what to buy and from whom they buy it. Competitors are just a click away. So it’s more crucial than ever to engage customers and make offers that precisely fit their needs. Whether customers visit your store, call your team, browse your webshop, or order with their smartphone: They expect a consistent experience.

I personally really like the following quote from Robert Rose, Chief Strategist at the Content Marketing Institute and author of “Managing Content Marketing which fits very well to this topic:

“What we as sales and marketing professionals should be striving for, is to create the optimal conditions across every part of the engagement opportunity to have an engaging experience, or create the optimal environment for that to happen, which usually means creating something unexpected, delightful and helpful in that moment for that customer experience event.”

To me this statement means that today a company cannot allow to have any weak spot in its communication.

I can imagine you are thinking… `Okay, I understand. But where do I start? Who is supporting me?´.

From a software perspective this is easy J. With the integrated best-of-breed solutions for Customer Engagement and Commerce by SAP, you provide consumers an excellence experience. hybris®, positioned by Gartner and Forrester as a leader, offers an omni-commerce platform that enables companies to promote and sell products via every channel and device, using a unique and powerful ‘single source single view model’, generating the lowest total cost of ownership. It minimizes risks and – by offering an optimized user experience throughout all customer touch points – provides the highest sales effectiveness and customer loyalty

Maybe for a blog the next paragraph is too commercial, but being commercial is a part of me. Excuse me for explaining why I think you should consider an omni-commerce and customer engagement strategy. Connecting all of your sales channels creates an unmatched brand consistency, increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty. And this leads to more sales. In 2013, 47 percent of companies incorporating omni-channel platforms were significantly more profitable than the rest of the market. They increased their online sales up to 40 percent, and the average shopping cart size grew 21 percent. With a single view of all of your master data, you can consolidate your IT landscape and remove redundant processes, like re-entering the same customer data for different applications. This saves time and reduces the total cost of ownership for your sales software.

Meet the expert and get an individual perception

I truly believe that you should discover how SAP hybris commerce solutions, as part of Customer Engagement and Commerce, can transform the way you do business. Join a two-day workshop and get all the information you need to enhance your commerce processes – from the strategic to the operational level. itelligence will tailor the event to you, as they analyze your processes and evaluate the needs of your company. From the workshop input itelligence will develop a customized concept – based on SAP hybris solutions. By the end, the workshop will provide a guideline for implementing your software and the following deliverables: Identification and estimation of high-level scope, High-level solution design and a High-level project plan

Do you have questions about hybris? Just send an e-mail to the itelligence hybris team: hybris@itelligence.de

– written by Marc van den Berk, Manager e-Business itelligence –

Marc van den Berk is part of itelligence’s global hybris team and Expert on Customer Engagement and Commerce. After his graduation in Marketing he had different roles in marketing, commerce and sales; always on the edge of end-user communication & interaction, commerce and IT. Since 2008 he joined itelligence. Based in The Netherlands, he recently switched from manager e-Business to the new area of customer engagement.

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