Future-oriented SAP Cloud Solutions for Asia

Asia remains a powerful engine for the world economy, as confirmed by most of of itelligence AG’s North American and European customers. Our customers either already export to Asia, have already taken the step of establishing their own offices in Asia or planning to do so shortly.

Taking part in the SAP ALL CLOUD CONFERENCE in Malaysia on 24th October this year were SAP and itelligence, NTT DATA Business Solutions – in Asia itelligence uses the brand name itelligence, NTT DATA Business Solutions – as this has strong brand recognition amongst businesses. itelligence, NTT DATA Business Solutions supported this conference as a «Platinum Sponsor» and thus lent weight to its claim to be the regional leader in this field.

The following market demand has been reflected by the participants at the conference:

  • Companies in Asia: for example, in Singapore or Australia, needing a complete business solution
  • Companies from Asia: Japan, for example, are planning to step into the international world by means of cloud solutions.
  • American and European, mid-sized companies: are expanding in Asia through their own branches

The cloud offerings from itelligence, NTT DATA Business Solutions are suitable for each of these different fields of interest, from the complete cloud ERP Suite (SAP Business ByDesign), to the hybrid solutions (Subsidiary 2-tier solution) to the so-called Line-of-Business Solutions (LoB: such as SuccessFactors or SAP Cloud for Customer).

The Cloud in action: seamless business processes across various software components are made possible

The focus of my presentation at the SAP CLOUD ALL CONFERENCE was on the changing demands of the businesses and the way in which they could be addressed by the cloud. Of course, the audience was particularly interested in case studies of issues faced by clients and their solutions in the cloud. This shows how the services contained therein can be used to make an impact in the everyday world. A real life example is the use of business cards, which remain the world’s favourite means of exchanging communication data between managers.

Trails in the cloud

The physical card is digitized using a smartphone with OCR software (optical character recognition).

This data is synchronized with the Groupware (MS Exchange / Outlook or Lotus Notes) on an ad hoc basis, the groupware is in turn connected to the SAP cloud solution (eg SAP Cloud for Sales).

All eligible employees can have direct access to the data of prospects or customers pps on their tablet PC, smart phones and their Internet browsers and for example, accurately create targetted campaigns.

The presentation of this hybrid integration is of course also applicable to many other cloud solutions such as SAP Business ByDesign, SAP or SuccessFactors cloud for Travel.

Cloud Asia

My conclusion: The cloud is a particularly good solution for simplifying business processes in South-East Asia. The reason for this is that many island groups may be connected together in a simple manner. A practical application of this would be, for example, companies headquartered in Malaysia and with offices in Vietnam, Thailand and Singapore.

– written by Wolfgang Kröner, Global Head of SAP Cloud Solutions at itelligence –

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