itelligence runs SAP HANA


For us at itelligence, 2014 started very well – and with an interesting project. After we migrated our SAP ERP System on HANA successfully, SAP asked us to comment the migration process and the aims we set and reached. And here we are:

In the video below, my colleague Oliver Schreiber, Director Business Unit Outsourcing & Services, and I look back at the migration process.

Interested in more information about the migration? Please find all detailed information about the project on our Corporate Blog:
SAP HANA worldwide launch at itelligence – Episode 1: Rough Planning and Preparation
Worldwide SAP HANA Implementation at itelligence – Part 2: Wave 0
SAP HANA Introduction at itelligence worldwide – Episode 3: WAVE 1
SAP HANA worldwide introduction by itelligence – Part 4: EHP 7 has popped up
SAP HANA worldwide introduction by itelligence – Episode 5: SAP HANA Go-Live

– written by Heinz Feil, Head of internal IT, itelligence –

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