itelligence Acquires Turkish SAP Gold Partner Elsys

By Savas Komban, CEO of Elsys Consulting Services (Istanbul)

By acquiring 60% interests of its Turkish SAP Gold Partner Elsys (Istanbul), itelligence is expanding into another emerging market.

Turkey’s economic prospects are dazzling: Alongside Brazil, China, India, Indonesia, Mexico and Russia, it is among what are known as the E7 countries (emerging markets). In the first three quarters of last year, our country was the world’s leader in terms of its economic growth of 9.6% – even ahead of China. Whether mechanical engineering, electrical appliances, the car industry or consumer goods, the market is booming. And Germany is by far Turkey’s biggest trading partner.

Through its investment in our company, itelligence AG wishes to further its internationalization. The former “white spot” Turkey is to become a successful hub and interface for SAP solutions including license sales, consulting, maintenance and application management services – on the Bosporus, in the Black Sea region and in the countries by the Caspian Sea. Our common goal is clearly defined: We want to become the most successful SAP consultancy firm in Turkey.

There has been a successful business relationship between itelligence and Elsys for many years – both companies offer their own industry solutions on the basis of SAP Business All-in-One. Elsys has already demonstrated its profound expertise and deep understanding of service in more than 40 countries. In particular we focus on the automotive, textiles, retail, consumer and pharmaceuticals sectors. In Turkey, some industries, the automotive industry in particular, have very ambitious goals: Two million vehicles are to be produced by 2023, and in the commercial vehicle segment Turkey has already taken the first place among Europe’s biggest manufacturers.

Together with itelligence, we want to expand our business further. Elsys currently has close to 180 employees. In 2011, our highly motivated and very successful team generated sales of approximately EUR 11.5 million. Because itelligence is breaking a new economic and cultural ground with this step towards Turkey and the Black Sea region, we play an important role in the internationalization plans – including as “translators” in terms of culture and mentality. Without a local presence and a presentation in the local language, German companies have hardly any chance of placing their offers successfully here – with the exception of special offers for real niche markets for which expertise cannot be generated in any other way.

Turkey is home to almost 75 million people with an average age of around 27. This makes it roughly 15 years younger than the German population. Over the past ten years, per capita income has more than tripled – companies and employees are extremely motivated and successful. Working together, there are entirely new opportunities for itelligence and Elsys to develop markets and services that benefit both our Turkish and international customers and our employees equally.

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