Qlik Sense is General Available

On Wednesday Qlik released the Server version of their next generation Business Discovery tool. The project was previously known as «QlikView.Next», and with the prelaunch in August of the Desktop version it was renamed to Qlik Sense. Quoting Anthony Deighton CTO Qlik Sense adresses a «whitespace in the business analytics space». Here is a very nice intro video to Qlik Sense.

Its one of the first server based tools, that can do both data visualisation and ETL on a server based platform. Qlik also announced that a new released of QlikView will be available medio 2015.

Here are to good reviews: Jen Underwood (@idigdata) review here or read Steve Dark (@quintelligence) primer here.

Pricing is very agressive, with a free client, a free cloud and a server version where a token cost about the same as Named Cal does today. The server version is free, but has a cost pr. user or usage. So buy 10 Tokens (1 Token = 1 Users), and you could install them on 10 servers. A token can either be assigned to a user or to grant 10 logins of an hour.

Finally we can build a multi server environment where performence is key, without having to think about additional licenses.

Qlik has also revealed a very interessting migration path, to convert licenses from QlikView to Qlik Sense. Which makes it possible to run both software side by side.

Read the press release here and download the free client here

Regards Torben Seebach
Principal Consultant

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