The BulletChart for Qlik Sense is here!

Finally, this is one of the big ones. A BulletChart for Qlik Sense. It’s been 4 months in development, and it works brilliantly.

Here is a preview:

BulletChart by itelligence
BulletChart for Qlik Sense with 3 measures itelligence nordic

I’ve done a lot of testing to make sure it works as expected in all sizes, even at 1×1 tile. It has full support for progressive disclosure and the advanced visualization techniques of Qlik Sense. And I’m very happy to say it support fully Stephen Few BulletChart theory.

And you know the best thing? Its free, even the source code! Go get it on the branch page, next week i hope to find i on Qlik Market.

I will continue development of it, until we have support for animations and multiple dimensions.

I really hope you like it. For issues, ideas and support, please leave a comment on branch.

Regards Torben Seebach
Principal Consultant







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