Strong AI offering from 2021.AI and itelligence

New partnership itelligence and

Now companies in manufacturing, retail and logistics get easier access to AI acceleration of data and business.  A new partnership between 2021.AI and itelligence brings a series of AI-enabled services and solutions to market.

2021.AI and itelligence are joining forces to offer a suite of new service solutions to clients in the Nordic region. Many companies acknowledge the potential in AI to increase efficiency and innovate their business, but many of them face a barrier, when they want to utilize AI. The new partnership addresses these challenges. Through the Grace AI platform developed by 2021.AI, itelligence will offer clients a next-level experience delivered at scale, helping them unlock value from their data. The partnership officially enrolls itelligence as an authorized reseller of the AI platform from 2021.AI.

“itelligence is a very competent Nordic Partner with global presence. The company has a large client footprint and strong technical capabilities, which potentially makes itelligence a very strong AI-as-a-service provider,” says COO & Partner Martin Nørballe from 2021.AI.

A visionary within AI

The cloud-based platform from 2021.AI will be used internally by itelligence for the acceleration of deliveries and processes. The partnership may also give customers access to start their own innovation with AI leveraging consultants from itelligence as data scientists and expert advisors”.

“2021.AI is a visionary in terms of making AI relevant in real life for a wide range of companies. Robust AI implementation is about standardizing processes and workflows to lower the threshold for getting started. The AI platform from 2021.AI has a full range of functionality and it helps ensure regulatory excellence in order to avoid compliance issues. We see a strong global potential in this partnership,” says Managing Director Denmark, Vice President, Head of Sales Nordic Region, Per Falck Jensen from itelligence.

End-to-end partner in AI

Companies may see potential in AI in many areas of their business. Basically every process supported by data can be accelerated with AI, and among current customers itelligence sees potential for AI in all critical business processes e.g. recommendation engines, supply-chain optimization, predictive service, manufacturing efficiency.

“We want to help our clients end-to-end from AI innovation, qualification, development, deployment and governance. We estimate that actual data science work is less than 20 percent of the work need to deploy an algorithm. The additional 80 percent is also our home turf as this relates to data management, integration to business processes and infrastructure services,” says Per Falck Jensen.

“The people at itelligence are close to their customers.  The hands-on-approach combined with strong competencies to support customers’ digital transformation will drive AI adoption. Using our Grace AI platform as a tool for collaboration will speed up processes significantly. We see a perfect match between itelligence and our technology,” says Martin Nørballe from 2021.AI.

The partnership between 2021.AI and itelligence is rooted in the Nordics, but it has a global potential for itelligence customers around the world.

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