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Create Lasting Customer Impact with SAP C/4HANA (SAP Hybris)

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Understand Customer Insights in Real-time with SAP C/4HANA (SAP Hybris)

In today’s digital economy, customers have dramatically higher expectations for their buying experiences. They demand personalized service, more options and seamless consistency across multiple channels.

With SAP C/4HANA (SAP Hybris), your business can develop a more complete and nuanced understanding of your customers, so you can engage with them intelligently and deliver a richer buying experience built specifically for them.

Gain insight into customer intent by capturing and consolidating real-time customer data into a single view. Combine online and offline resources to automatically create dynamic customer profiles.

itelligence can help you navigate the digital transformation process by leveraging our industry and process expertise and utilizing the SAP C/4HANA (SAP Hybris) suite of solutions. These solutions can power your business needs now and into the future.

Delivering the Best End-to-End B2B Customer Engagement

To be agile enough to respond quickly to your customers’ needs, wherever they might be – you need the right tools. This video will give you an overview of how in the B2B world SAP C/4HANA’s (SAP Hybris) end-to-end solutions can support every stage of your business.

SAP C/4HANA (SAP Hybris)


Empower Your Sales Team with SAP Sales Cloud

It is crucial for your sales team to have the right set of tools that deliver the insight needed to quickly identify key decision makers and establish a complete understanding of customer objectives. SAP Sales Cloud fully equips your sales team by breaking down silos of customer information in the back office and delivering it to your sales team through their mobile devices. Empower your sales team with the information they need so they know which customers to contact, how to address their pain points and how to nurture each opportunity to completion.

SAP Sales Cloud is a modern sales enablement solution (CRM) built by and for sales professionals with native collaboration and an intuitive user interface. To address today’s challenges, SAP Sales Cloud empowers sales professionals to:

  • Collaborate in context
  • Obtain deep customer insights
  • Be informed with less effort
  • Spend more time selling and less time reporting


Create an Omni-Channel Experience with SAP Commerce Cloud

Today’s anytime, anywhere buyers are demanding new levels of customer experience and personalized service from their business suppliers. They want more convenience to buy when they want — under negotiated terms and with assurance they will accurately receive what they buy when promised.

These same buyers also want a consistent experience that matches the way they buy online in their personal life using a range of devices. Companies that want these buyers’ continued business will need to find cost-effective ways to seamlessly provide opportunities for them to buy at every stage of their journey, no matter the complexity of the business.

SAP Commerce Cloud allows you to create an omni-channel B2B experience that rivals some of the best consumer sites. This flexible platform provides the ability to manage an extended ecosystem of suppliers, distributors and partners as well as support multiple business models on a single platform.

SAP Commerce Cloud allows you to engage and understand your customers throughout their commerce experience – from content creation and merchandizing through fulfillment.


Empower your Marketing Team with SAP Marketing Cloud

Traditional marketing campaigns often fall short when trying to engage individual customers. They blast blanket messages to the masses that lack a basic knowledge of customers’ unique wants and needs. But today’s customers want more. They expect a personalized experience that presents the right product at the right time in their buying cycle.

SAP Marketing Cloud enables marketing professionals to develop a deeper understanding of customers by gathering and analyzing information on past interactions (historical transactions), anticipated behaviors (propensity scores leveraging predictive analytics) and present motivations and intent (in-the-moment context and behavior).

Empower your business to understand its customers and engage with them intelligently, nudging them towards purchase rather than distracting them with irrelevant information. SAP Marketing allows you to deliver personalized experiences in real-time, increasing conversion rates and earning your customers’ loyalty.


Offer Multiple Service Channels with SAP Service Cloud

SAP Service Cloud helps you stay one step ahead of customer expectations, making it easy to offer multiple service channels, access complete and contextual customer information and gain real-time insight into call center performance.

SAP Service Cloud offers multi-channel ticketing, real-time service analytics, ERP integration and more:

  • Deliver a consistent service experience across all channels (email, web, chat and phone)
  • Create a branded self-service support portal to give customers control and access to your knowledge base
  • Provide agents with easy access to complete, contextual and up-to-the-minute customer information
  • Get real-time insight into service performance with powerful analytics and embedded dashboards

How Our Customers Benefit from Us


Koleksiyon, being one of Turkey’s most deep rooted furniture manufacturers established in 1972, continues its development today with stores in Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Antalya, Adana, Bodrum and Gaziantep in Turkey, with offices in EU countries, the Middle East and the USA.

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MOPAŞ will catch the high speed of e-commerce in the world with digital transformation!

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FOSS, Hillerød, Denmark

Foss has just completed the global CRM roll-out project of introducing SAP to all sales staff and technicians. SAP is now available on 600 employees’ telephones and tablets. Great potential for efficiency.

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Sluyter Logistics B.V., Rotterdam, Netherlands

Sluyter Logistics, a Dutch full-service provider with 275 employees working across nine locations, offers tailored, cost-efficient solutions for any logistical issue.

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Aspen Oss B.V., Oss, Netherlands

Based in the Netherlands, Aspen Oss B.V. provides the world with vital pharmaceutical products, such as steroid hormones, Heparin Sodium, peptid and alkaloid products.

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Bilkent Holding

Many of Turkey’s best-known brands and major players are part of Bilkent Holding. Comprising a total of over 20 companies across nine industries, the group’s scope of activities is far-reaching.

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Within just 5 months itelligence implemented SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer at BEHRINGER. The leading supplier of band and circular saw technology is now able to collect and centrally organize smart customer data.

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Dürkopp Adler

With SAP Hybris, implemented by itelligence, Dürkopp Adler has a sound e-commerce strategy platform for the future.

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