SAP License Management & Optimization

Be At the Forefront of Managing and Administrating SAP Licenses

Get an overview and control of your SAP licenses – fast, efficiently and in real-time

SAP License Management & Optimization

SAP License Management & Optimization is the short-cut for companies to reach SAP compliance. With this management tool, companies continuously – every month or every quarter – receive reports showing how many licenses they have, how the licenses are used and by whom. The report also shows if there are indications of indirect use of SAP, for example through a webshop or a third-party system, as well as whether a user-license has unusual activity or has not been used for a long time.

With SAP License Management & Optimization, small and medium-sized companies can eliminate the heavy, manual processes that are connected to creating an overview of licenses and can always be at the forefront of SAP audits.

Gain Control of Time and Save Money in the Long Run

We give SAP customers a status on their licenses and usage in real-time, in order to always secure the optimal use of licenses. Proactive license management not only saves time, but also money. You may have too many licenses compared to your actual usage – or lack of compliance may result in demands of license purchase at list price. Be at the forefront and get control of the licenses. It pays off in the long run.

SAP License Management & Optimization can be used by all SAP customers. We sell a complete solution through the customer’s Solution Manager as a service – as an implemented solution through third-party plug-in to Solution Manager.

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Do You Experience One or More of These Challenges?

  • It is extremely time-consuming to get an overview over the number of licenses and which users need which licenses
  • You do not know whether you are compliant, or whether you have un-used licenses, which could be converted to another type of license or moved to other users.
  • You do not know whether all licenses are correctly set up in regard to (1) own named users, (2) software engines measuring other metrics than number of users, i.e. amount of master data or invoices in the SAP system and/or (3) indirect use through for example a webshop or a third-party system
  • You need a set of rules for setting up SAP licenses - 100 % control in order not to worry

Why Is SAP License Management & Optimization the Right Solution For You?

  • Named users
    SAP has more than 40 different user licenses and every license determines which transactions the user can make. itelligence measures the activity for each user over time, so that you can get an overview of usage and thereby attribute the right license to the right user.
  • Inactive users
    The number of users that need to have access to the SAP system can vary a lot over time. SAP License Management & Optimization measures the use of all SAP systems in order to identify inactive users. Thereby, you can close down an inactive user and instead give the license to another user.
  • Duplicates among users
    A company’s SAP system usually consists of many systems that each have their own administrator. SAP License Management & Optimization identifies duplicates in the SAP systems. This way, you can make sure you do not pay double (or more) for a user’s license.
  • Indirect usage
    If a person has access to SAP data through third-party software, the company must make sure the access is correctly licensed. SAP License Management & Optimization finds potentially not-licensed and non-compliant users.
  • Software engines
    Beside user-metrics, SAP licenses can also concern software modules related to SAP. In that case, companies pay for the number of units that are handled by the software module, for examples invoices, assets or data from IoT units. itelligence consults on software engines, measures the usage and notifies when it is time to buy more SAP licenses.

SAP License Management & Optimization: How Can We Support You?

With more than 100 SAP Maintenance customers, itelligence is the largest SAP Maintenance partner in the Nordics. On a global level, we have around 1,670 SAP Maintenance customers that we continuously help with questions concerning licenses.

In addition, we develop new products supporting an efficient and optimal usage of SAP. When it comes to business development via intelligent digital solutions in SAP, itelligence covers the entire spectrum. As an expert and full service provider, we offer everything from project planning and project management to implementation and operation.

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