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Get ready to move. We analyze your needs, migrate your data, and manage your cloud with our full spectrum of digital, analytics and enterprise cloud services.

First, we perform a thorough analysis of your business objectives and your growth strategy. Then we design, implement, and manage your cloud to meet your digital transformation goals.

Even if you have already started your cloud migration, our depth of experience makes us the right partner to advise you on how to accelerate your company’s transformation and empower your business to remain ahead of the competition.

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Experience and determination: Start by using our expertise to develop a plan for your journey to the cloud.

Managed Cloud Services from itelligence support you at every stage of your cloud transition.


Based on your strategy and our wide range of services and tools, we offer support at every stage of your transition to the cloud.

Get the most out of your cloud transformation with Managed Cloud Services.


Get the most value out of your transformation. We ensure security, monitor processes, and manage your IT landscape.


Success begins with a plan. First, we listen to your needs and develop a strategy to migrate your business to the cloud. Our consulting services pay close attention to your goals and devise a tailored strategy to turn them into reality. With a customized plan in place, both transition and migration to the cloud are easily completed.

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You are not alone. We remain at your side throughout the entire process as you transform your business by migrating your data to the cloud. Our proven methods and processes deliver a cloud strategy that fits your company best. Benefit from global support by the itelligence Conversion Factory.

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S/4Move Xperience

Your Proof of Concept to S/4HANA

Transition to the cloud does not have to be a challenge. We have developed a solution that eases converting your system.

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The digital transformation journey leads to different public and private clouds. Managing multiple clouds and services is complex and costly. Our cloud management harmonizes your cloud landscape, so they all work together for you. In addition to the public cloud, we also offer hosting services at our state-of-the-art data centers worldwide.

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Discover Future Oriented SAP Managed Services in the Cloud!

Managed Services for SES in Luxembourg

For years, itelligence has taken care of our SAP landscape. The collaboration has always been outstanding, and we have developed a very close and trusting partnership. It’s clear to see that they are just as forward-thinking as we are.

Renauld Chapellier, General Manager ERP Core Team, SES

itelligence Data Centers

Managed Services for SES

Our Partnerships

Joint AWS and itelligence solutions alongside Managed Cloud Services help you streamline your operation.


The joint itelligence and AWS solutions include complete migrations of SAP S/4HANA and other SAP solutions to AWS and fully managed services by itelligence on AWS. As a starting point and for special scenarios, proofs of concepts on any SAP solution with AWS services are available. AWS therefore provides a global and reliable structure for any company.

Our Public Cloud Services

Microsoft Azure provides cloud services in over 140 nations.


From planning, moving and managing, itelligence combines mission-critical SAP applications with flexibly scalable, highly available and highly secure modern infrastructures on the Microsoft Azure Cloud Platform. This is particularly suitable for companies with already implemented Microsoft solutions. The Microsoft Azure regions spread over the whole world, available in more than 140 countries.

Our Public Cloud Services

Why itelligence

Benefit from over 30 years of experience with our secure and transparent managed cloud services. We are experts in global and local system landscapes. Whether your data is stored on-premise, in the cloud, or in a hybrid landscape, we provide services that ensure your data is always available and secure. You also get more out of SAP solutions while saving costs. No matter where you are in the world, we are there to support your needs. Rise to the challenge of digital transformation with us as we plan, move, and manage your IT landscape according to your individual requirements.

What Makes Us Stand Out

Amazon Web Services Partner since 2017

Global Microsoft Partner Silver Cloud Platform since 2019

SAP Global Partner for application management services since 2004

SAP Global Partner for Cloud Services since 2011

Our References

itelligence AG – cloudowa transformacja HR

Międzynarodowa firma itelligence AG postawiła na globalne wdrożenie innowacyjnego rozwiązania: SAP SuccessFactors – w 28 krajach dla ponad 10,000 pracowników.

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SAP SuccessFactors at itelligence

Implementation of SAP SuccessFactors in 28 countries with more that 10,000 employees in order to introduce group-wide international HR processes. Read more.

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ESL Gaming GmbH – Mit der SAP S/4HANA Cloud zum Sieg

Als Early Adopter profitiert der eSports Betreiber von der wegweisenden SAP S/4HANA Lösung – und das nicht in der On-Premise-Variante, sondern direkt in der Public Cloud bei der SAP.

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Zinpro wanted an ERP that would grow as its own operations expanded, and knew their current platform was not robust enough to provide that infrastructure.

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Together with itelligence, Ceyoniq could implement SAP S/4HANA Cloud as their new ERP system in only six months and as a special project highlight, only four sub processes required slight adjustments.

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Ceyoniq Technology – Ideale Arbeitswelt mit SAP S/4HANA Cloud

Mit der SAP Activate Methode hat itelligence die Basis für das erfolgreiche Go-live von SAP S/4HANA Cloud gelegt. In den Fit-To-Standard Workshops konnten die Prozesse schnell analysiert und an den SAP Standard angepasst werden.

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With the introduction of SAP Sales Cloud and SAP Cloud Platform Integration, Synthomer's sales people now have an ideal tool for day-to-day business, as customer data is available online and offline.

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DENIOS AG – SAP S/4HANA Conversion

A smooth move onto SAP S/4HANA via a system conversion with the help of itelligence experts. Topped off with securely hosted systems at the itelligence data centers and Application Management Services for high-performing business processes in all 12 countries.

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Weir Minerals – Globale Geschäftsprozesse mit Managed Cloud Services

Im Zuge der SAP Reise, die sich über 6 Kontinente und mehr als 6.500 SAP User erstreckt, setzt Weir Minerals auf itelligence als Hosting Partner, insbesondere für Lösungen basierend auf der SAP HANA Datenbank.

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The People Group

A single source of truth with crystal clear real-time insights and an improved cash flow position. All this thanks to a single powerful SaaS solution that supports the strategy of The People Group.

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