Sanquin Plasma Products

Sanquin Plasma Products: Control Over The Pharmaceutical Supply Chain With SAP ATTP

With SAP ATTP Sanquin Plasma Products minimises the costs to remain compliant and supports a safe supply chain.

Control Over The Pharmaceutical Supply Chain With SAP ATTP

Sanquin Plasma Products (SPP) produces and exports a broad range of pharmaceuticals. The trade in falsified medicinal products is a major global problem. That is why, to guarantee patient safety, the
law specifies that at the point of dispensing, the medicines’ authenticity is verified. The basic requirement is to ensure that every pack has a unique 2D barcode with a serial number. In addition, there must be tamper-proof packaging, allowing consumers to easily ascertain whether the packaging has already been opened.

Following the advice of itelligence, SPP opted for SAP Advanced Track and Trace for Pharmaceuticals (ATTP), with a link to the SAP ECC environment. SAP ATTP minimises the costs to remain compliant and supports a safe supply chain. This innovative serialisation and track-and-trace solution helps pharmaceutical manufacturers to validate products, integrate business processes and communicate with regulators. In addition, SPP’s three existing packing lines were modified and aggregation was opted for: all secondary packaging and pallets are given a unique code, meaning SPP has maximum logistical flexibility without losing control.


The project was brought to a successful conclusion by itelligence before the EU regulatory deadline of 9 February 2019. Duco Brouwer: “This project once again proved that the people at itelligence deliver
what they promise: a solution based on solid foundations, that is delivered with no significant issues and within the agreed time. I consider this to be a partnership that goes far beyond a customer-supplier relationship. This is not just about the available knowledge, but also about the way in which we do business with one another.”

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