Checklist for a Career Change


Checklist for a Career Change


The writer is Dieter Schoon, Global Head of Human Resources at itelligence

Switching as an SAP-User from a company to a Consulting Company or vice versa, you should clarify a few things:

  • Do your own skills fit to the new company or to the advertised position/job?
  • Analyze very carefully the Corporate Culture: How does the company communicate? Does the Corporate Culture correspond with your own view on the world? Do you identify with the company values?
  • The right chemistry between you and the employee/superior is necessary. Be aware of nuances and semitones at the job interview and observe exactly your interview partner.
  • Important: Financial incentives play an important role. Never change without a salary increase unless you start in a renowned company with better career opportunities. Upgrade your curriculum vitae by switching to a market-leading company even if you have to accept lower salary. In the long term it will pay off: by having a higher reputation in your career.
  • Never raise unrealizable expectations towards the new employer: Don’t play a role – be aware of your strengths and weaknesses.
  • Consult with friends, partners: How do they see you? Do they trust you to handle the new position with a different job-profile? Do you sort well with the company? It is a big advantage if you have the opportunity to ask a friend who already works there.
  • If you really want to switch, you should reflect on the situation with all its consequences. What are you loosing, what do you have to give up (for example less time for hobbies and family)? What are the benefits (more satisfaction, more acceptance, more responsibility)?
  • Finally: when making a decision trust your gut feeling even though the reality is against it.

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