twitter – 5 ways to integrate it smartly in your daily work life

Think of a number, go on, make it a big one… chances are that the figure you come up with is dwarfed by the one representing the number of tweets that are posted on a daily basis in our seemingly ever connected always live world. The question I hear so often is, how can this torrent of overheard and semi fractured conversations be harnessed for anything beyond news about which British Athlete has won Gold at the Olympics or the latest gossip about Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes?

Do you wade into this river of consciousness, stand on the bank and watch it flow by, or just turn your back and walk away to get on with „something more useful”?

I have a confession to make, I dive right in to the middle, and continue to be rewarded with access to some of our industries greatest and most innovative thinkers, as well as having the opportunity for open honest conversations with customers and prospects.

Twitter has become my go to network for everything from hearing the latest SAP news to information about the various itelligence businesses around the globe and of course the ubiquitous @TeamGB medal announcements 🙂

Several people ask me, how do you keep up? When statements and conversations fall by the wayside like some strange dislocated updating of Bob Dylan’s scrawled Subterranean Homesick Blues cards.

How can you be engaged without wasting your days staring idly at a small screen?

Here are 5 simple ideas, I would love to hear yours…

  1. Work out who to follow by looking at other peoples following lists, create (or follow other tweeters) topic based lists to keep abreast of specific subjects
  2. Focus on conversations rather than individuals
  3. Don’t rely on the twitter website, make sure you have a good collection of tools on your phone, computer and tablet
  4. Embrace the power of sharing, if you read or hear something worthwhile then share it using the relevant hashtags
  5. Don’t focus on twitter at your desk, read it in the hall or when you are making tea or on the bus or train

You can find me @andysteer at twitter and I would love to hear from you as would my colleagues…






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