Business Heroes- Part One: Earning SAP Student Lifecycle management (SLcM) Degree in Saudi Arabia

-Tom Saeys, SAP SLcM Solution Architect, itelligence AG-

This blog is the first in a series of four blogs that provide a glimpse of itelligence’s book Business Heroes

(Second Edition) that was released last week.  For more background, please see this post

In 2007, most people couldn’t imagine this role SAP would play in Thuwal, Saudi Arabi. But later that year, a 14-square-mile lot along the coast of the Red Sea set the stage for today’s King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST), a globally renowned graduate research university that makes significant contributions to scientific and technological advancement.

By September 2009, driven by a $12.5 billion dollar investment from King Abdullah Bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, the fully-operational campus took the first steps in its journey from vision to reality. itelligence was selected to implement SAP and its Student Lifecycle Management (SLcM) to support the main university’s administrative functions, including student administration.

While hundreds of schools use SAP for human resources and finance administration, the traditional student administration departments use a national product, a home-grown system or a combination of small tools. SLcM is an integrated solution for HR, finance, and Student Information Systems, which enables universities to handle the key processes for managing the student life cycle – from recruitment through graduation and beyond. Such a system has fewer servers, different skills sets and fewer interfaces, which leads to lower TCO in the long run. The user base for these new generation Student Information Systems is growing very rapidly.

The success at KAUST linked itelligence to its industrial partners – like Siemens, involved in its biotech research; General Electric, involved in the Solar Energy developments at university; and Boeing, involved in the translation of knowledge into economic growth and job creation, including dozens of small businesses across many industries. KAUST, part of a global network of established and new high schools, also partners with Stanford University in California, the University of Cambridge in the UK, and the University of Munich.

Today, KAUST plays a crucial role in the development of Saudi Arabia, educating scientific and technological leaders, catalyzing the diversification of the Saudi economy, and addressing challenges of regional and global significance.  itelligence is proud to play an active role, providing the Student Life-Cycle Management, at the growing university and its partners.

You can also find the second edition of “Business Heroes in SMBs – Worldwide” on Amazon

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