Webinar: Optimize Collaboration with Your Business Partners via EDI

Managing orders, paying invoices, and charging vendors at your business requires detailed documentation and high data quality. Communication and transparency between you and business partners is the key to successful commerce and for creating new business opportunities. itelligence is hosting a webinar to show users how its it.x-EDIconnect AddOn enables fast and secure electronic data interchange (EDI).

Even as far back as when the Silk Road was at its height, long before telephones and the internet, communication between vendors was always a driver of successful commerce and a way of generating new business. And this is still the case today. However, modern transactions can be complicated and generate a considerable amount of documentation and data, including invoices, purchase orders, advance shipping notices, and functional acknowledgments. Companies require a way of consolidating their data and transferring it between external parties quickly and accurately. Only by doing so can businesses ensure they operate efficiently and cost-effectively. So how can you implement effective EDI at your enterprise?

itelligence is hosting an expert-led webinar on unlocking the potential of EDI with it.x-EDIconnect. In the webinar, you will learn how integrating all transactional processes enables you to automate document processing. As a result, you mitigate the likelihood of errors that could be made during manual input. You also increase efficiency and productivity without having to hire additional staff.

Furthermore, you will gain key insights into how it.x-EDIconnect enables you to connect with your business partners and share all relevant order information using a single platform. The ability to react to any changes to orders reduces the probability of delays or errors that could result in chargeback penalties.

For more information on it.x-EDIconnect just visit our AddStore or contact us via email: it.products@itelligencegroup.com.

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Date: Wednesday November 7th, 2018, 3:00 PM – 4:00 PM (CEST)

Place: Online – you will receive a link after your registration.

Please note the webinar will be held in English.


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Click here and learn more about it.x-EDIconnect in our latest blog post “Fast and Secure – Electronic Data Interchange with it.x-EDIconnect” from our expert Nico Bredenbals.

– by Nico Bredenbals, Team Manager, Head of CoE NextGen, Product Development & Raphael Stumpf, Specialized Sales Integration Products, Products & Cloud Solutions, itelligence AG –

Nico.Bredenbals@itelligencegroup.com & Raphael.Stumpf@itelligencegroup.com

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