Webinar: Optimize Your Shipping Processes with it.x-press

Do you work with multiple shipping companies as well as courier, express, and parcel (CEP) services? Are you able to efficiently integrate shipping processes and directly link service providers to your enterprise warehouse management? With it.x-press and it.x-packIT EWM you can connect your CEP and freight forwarding agents directly to your system and share electronic data efficiently.

To effectively meet challenging logistics demands, companies must adopt simple and effective methods for managing shipments. Full integration of shipping processes is important, especially for companies that ship large volumes of goods daily. From the initial order, through packing, shipping, and tracking, it.x-press and it.x-packIT EWM streamline your entire operation by increasing transparency and allowing for an integrated, cost-effective logistics service.

With a portfolio of scalable modules, including the it.x-packIT EWM packing station application, it.x-press enables the operator to manage and control shipping processes in a much more effective way. As a centralized solution, it.x-press can be easily integrated into your SAP environment, allowing for a seamless transition into implementation.

More than 100 transport CEP service providers and forwarding companies are integrated into the platform for smoother cooperation and simplified transactions. Calculate freight charges, assign and track shipments, and retrieve invoices more efficiently with it.x-press and it.x-packIT EWM. Find out how in our upcoming webinar:


it.x-press and it.x-packIT EWM – Packing, Shipping, and Parcel Monitoring within SAP EWM and SAP S/4HANA
Date:     Friday, March 8, 2019
Time:     11:00 (CET)


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Join our experts Eric Rotzoll and Felix Schymetzko in this webinar to learn how to streamline your logistics operations and improve speed, quality, and cost-efficiency in the shipping service you offer.

Are you interested in finding out more about it.x-press? Click here to get lots of useful information about our product and how it will support your logistics processes.

For more information on how it.x-press and it.x-packIT EWM can benefit you and your customers, visit our AddStore or contact us via email: it.products@itelligencegroup.com


– by Eric Rotzoll, Head of Development Services Germany & Felix Schymetzko, product management, itelligence AG –

Eric.Rotzoll@itelligence.de & Felix.Schymetzko@itelligence.de

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