Fenerbahçe Sports Club

By introducing SAP solutions, we have obtained instant access to critical information about our processes and professional players. The project allowed our business to make better and faster decisions. This project represents a crucial step towards our business transformation, and our trust in SAP and itelligence was fully earned.

Ali Fatih Bayraktar, Chief Organizational Development Officer, Fenerbahçe Sports Club

Fenerbahçe is a Turkish sports club based in Istanbul. It comprises nine branches that are active in various industries, from tourism to education and media to retailing.
Founded as a soccer club in 1907, it now competes at a high level in a wide variety of sports, including basketball, volleyball,
swimming, athletics and sailing. Today, Fenerbahçe is one of the strongest and most supported multi-sports clubs of Turkey. The soccer team is one of the best supported in Turkey, never having been relegated to a lower division. It currently plays in the Süper Lig, the Turkish Cup and the UEFA Champions League.

Wyzwania i korzyści


  • Need for end-to-end integration
  • Greater financial control over club and 9 associations


  • Greater financial control and transparency of business activities
  • Real-time cash flow monitoring, faster response times
  • Customized dashboards provide meaningful insights anytime, anywhere
  • Full compliance with UEFA Financial Fair Play Regulations
  • Financial and statistical 360° view of professional soccer players
  • Cost advantage by eliminating expensive IT infrastructure and need for specialized IT staff
  • Full compliance with regulatory framework of Capital Markets Board of Turkey


  • SAP solutions ERP, BO, BI, BW and BPC

Fenerbahçe Sports Club, Istanbul, Turkey

The transformation of a sports legend with SAP ERP and Business Analytics

About the Project

Because an integrated SAP system was allowing Fenerbahçe to manage the club more tightly from one center, comply with UEFA Financial Fair Play Regulations and adhere to the regulatory framework laid down by the CMB of Turkey in one stroke, the club decided to standardize all its various financial systems for reporting, logistics, HR and purchasing by moving them to a single integrated platform.

Fenerbahçe decided to implement SAP to fulfill its business needs and chose itelligence for consulting, project planning and implementation. “When selecting our business partner, we primarily took itelligence’s strong references, experienced consultants and service ethic into consideration.”

The SAP ERP and Business Analytics platform was implemented in two phases: first for Fenerbahçe Futbol A.Ş., and then for the rest of the club and its nine associations. “Our internal and external stakeholders were aware of the importance of this project and its future benefit for the club’s business transformation.”

Today, the club has one end-to-end software platform for all key business processes, including soccer. Data that used to take hours and even days to collect is now available in minutes. Financial reporting has been taken to a new level thanks to the powerful real-time business analytics and sophisticated reporting and budgeting capabilities. Fenerbahçe also has better visibility of its current and future cash flow, income & expenditures balance and comparisons according to budget. And senior managers can access all this information on customized dashboards, through their mobile devices.

The contract management module captures all data about its professional players, and automatically calculates their compensation based on game statistics and contract details. Sales of combined tickets and club membership fees were automated and integrated into the new SAP system. HR management was centralized and purchasing processes were optimized.

Today the club has the most sophisticated SAP system in the Turkish sports industry and is the Gold Winner of the 2014 SAP Quality Awards in Turkey in the Rapid Delivery category, and has earned the Bronze Medal for the Europe, Middle East and Africa region.

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