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Presentation possibilities and technologies are developing at a mind blowing pace and with that customer expectations. A pace which can be hard to keep up with.

Ecco a Danish shoe producer has been using itelligence Nordics product it.webshop for their online B2B business since 2006. Ecco has been very satisfied with the functionality but wanted to utilize CMS capabilities, campaign management, state of the art search technologies and they wanted their B2B partner site to evolve with their corporate website preferably without dual maintenance.

Our solution was to web service enable their current webshop and reuse Ecco’s corporate website and CMS (Sitecore) as the presentation layer. itelligence won in the competition against large eCommerce providers such as Demandware and Salesforce. The highly flexible it.webshop with a clear separation of the presentation and application layer made the difference together with an attractive pricing. The project has been a success with all deadlines being met:

  • July-Dec 2012
Version 1.0 live on pilot countries (4)
  • Jan-Feb 2013
FitGap for global rollout
  • March-April 2013
Go-Live 30 countries
  • Now
6000+ active users in 38 countries, service layer being consumed by 3 applications
  • Dec 2013
Global coverage 62 countries

A video used for the US Go-Live presenting the functionality can be seen on youtube:


The architecture which decouples the presentation and application layer allows reuse or replacement of each layer. This results in flexibility of business processes with changes to business layer being reflected for all service consumers.

One of the big challenges in integration between SAP ERP and premium eCommerce solutions is performance and complexity. it.webshop runs all application logic in SAP and only display and user input data is integrated. This architecture ensures true online functionality and the best possible performance. Another benefit is that no replication or dual maintenance of master and application data is needed.

it.webshop is now fully service enabled and includes functionalities such as customer handling, order functionality including variant configuration, transaction history, campaign control etc. itelligence also offers a UI5 based webshop interface. All resulting in the below architecture:

it webshop

If you want further information or see examples of running sites please feel free to get in touch with me.

– written by Thomas Kierkgaard, Product Architect, itelligence a/s –

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