Consumer Products

Use SAP technology in the consumer products industry to  manage risk and growth, integrate supply chain and serve your customers better.

Consumer Products Industry

No industry is as fast-moving and competitive as the world of consumer products. So you need an SAP partner who will enable you to be faster to market and quicker to respond to customers. But why stop there? Today’s big data and analytics tools make it possible to predict what markets and customers will do next. Combined with our SAP expertise and retail industry knowledge, we can help you grow your margin, increase your market share and build a stronger brand.

Manage safety and compliance globally

Before a customer can taste your product, you have a global production and supply network to co-ordinate. And a diverse set of food safety regulations that you need to comply with across borders. This is where our process automation and SAP expertise  in food and beverage safety and sustainability can help. Not only can you comply internationally, you can achieve economies of scale in protecting your customers and your company’s reputation. And when you have a clear view across sales, operations, supply chain, finance and procurement, this information can be used to work more collaboratively to reduce risk across your business.

Integrate your supply chain

Increasingly globalised and complex supply chains have created the need for tools and processes that help you foresee changes in consumer demand. Our expertise in SAP solutions helps manufacturers meet the demands of consumers and retailed with more collaborative processes across your entire supply chain. And that means you can increase visibility of upstream demand and downstream suppliers. When you combine this greater transparency with automated information flows to and from suppliers, your sourcing strategy is smarter. So you can adapt as markets change and drive even more value from your network.

Serve more customers better

The more you learn about your customers and markets, the easier you can meet the demands of consumers and retailers. Speed to market is also essential when you are creating innovative products that fulfil or generate market demand. We are the SAP experts in optimising your product development processes and systems. We will help you connect the global value chain – for food and beverage ingredients to retail shelf – by focusing on innovation barriers and better aligning your goals with research & development operations. So you can be faster to market and reduce the number of your products that fail to meet customers’ needs. And in our always-on world and global markets, product innovation can quickly broaden your customer base.

Technology builds customer loyalty

We understand how to get the most out of SAP solutions in ways that help consumer products companies gain an advantage over competitors. One of the ways we can help is to improve your product lifecycle management. For example, evolving new food and beverage retail offerings. And using technologies,  such as mobile and CRM tools to transform customer engagement and personalise promotions. In turn, this will help you build customer loyalty, which is a proven way to boost competitiveness.

Plan your growth path

To compete, you need to go beyond efficiency – cutting waste, improving processes and cost control aren’t enough on their own. You also need to deal with rising commodity prices, customer demands for better value and few opportunities to raise your prices. That’s why retailers need a deeper understanding of customers’ preferences, so they can personalize offers and differentiate products. SAP’s business planning and analytics tools will help you react faster and predict accurately. As a result, you have more visibility of exactly where and how profits are made. So you can take data-driven decisions that help you achieve your growth targets.

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