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With regard to the benefits of the SAP Business Suite on SAP HANA, we expect a significant contribution to improvement and optimization of our business and IT processes.

Peter Buchmüller, CIO, Molkerei MEGGLE Wasserburg GmbH & Co. KG

Molkerei MEGGLE Wasserburg GmbH & Co. KG., head office in Wasserburg, focus one hundred percent on the production of butter and speciality butters, convenience products for consumers, products tailored to the hospitality market, as well as functional powdered products for the food, pharmaceutical and animal feed industries. This constitutes the core business of the MEGGLE Group.

MEGGLE covers all important requirements related to raw milk procurement and processing with a fully integrated cockpit for raw material delivery and liquid production. The disposition cockpit and the delivery status monitor facilitate goods delivery and shipping control. Thus, a regular delivery can be guaranteed to the customers.

Challenges and Benefits


  • Complex and historically grown processes
  • Existing structures were strongly characterized by decentralized, self-sustaining units and high heterogeneity of the implemented applications
  • The new ERP solution must be scalable, multilingual and multi-currency compatible, and globally applicable
  • Complete coverage for all business units and their requirements


  • Integrated, company-wide and cross-regional ERP system
  • Consistent supply chain planning
  • Increased fl exibility in case of disruptions and deviations in the production process
  • Support of present or future compliance requirements, especially applying to the pharmaceutical business
  • Implementation security through a proven SAP industry solution


  • itelligence industry solution it.consumer based on SAP ERP powered by SAP HANA
  • Specification management
  • EDI converter for an electronic exchange
  • Tool “customer material relationship” for controlling of customized article information
  • Hosting in the itelligence data center and Application Management Services
  • SAP integrated AddOn Enhanced Controlling Packages (ECP) by itelligence

Molkerei MEGGLE Wasserburg GmbH & Co. KG, Wasserburg am Inn, Germany

Everything is top grade with it.consumer for the food industry

About the Project

Excellently Equipped with the Right Solution: MEGGLE Goes SAP

When summer is on its way and there isn’t a cloud in the sky, it’s the perfect time for a barbecue. What should not be forgotten in any case at a successful barbecue event? Right! The herb butter! As the absolute brand for herb butter in the German market, MEGGLE became an internationally renowned organization and belongs today to the largest producers of milk products and pharmaceutical lactose.

Such an intensive and successful company development brought the existing system landscape to its limits, resulting in a necessary group-wide standardization and modernization of the IT landscape. In order to realize this important step in its corporate development, MEGGLE decided to use itelligence AG.

Industry-Specific Refinements

The demand for a lot of MEGGLE products is subject to seasonal fluctuations. Moreover, a permanent supply of raw materials like milk and whey has to be channeled to the most marketable and profitable purpose, without generating greatlosses. That’s the reason why future sales forecasts and planning will be made with SAP APO.An integrated, cross-regional planning process facilitates the early identification of changes in demand. With an integrated alert management, MEGGLE can promptly respond to disruptions and deviations. Thus, processes in production plants as well as inventories can immediately be adapted to the changed situation.

The integrated specification management for food industry, designed to create raw material or product specifications, ensures compliance with supplier and customer specifications and, last but not least, legal provisions from the Food Information Regulation (FIR).

Everything Is Top Grade and on HANA

It was another strategic decision by MEGGLE to minimize risks in the IT operations and, at the same time, align data management in a future-oriented manner. This is why the complete SAP ERP landscape runs on SAP HANA. In doing so, MEGGLE has laid the foundation for replicating raw material and commodity flows in the form of information and value flows for real-time evaluation.

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