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A couple of months ago Andy Steer — CTO & CMO at itelligence UK – and his team launched the itelligence UK blog.
Although it first saw the light of day on May 22nd (which is not too long-term for a blog) it already offers several insights into global topics from a UK specific point of view.

One example: If you read Reworking Florence Nightingales “Diagram of the Causes of Mortality in the Army in the East” with SAP Lumira by Andrew Fox (SAP Analytics Evangelist, itelligence UK), you will be able to better understand SAP Lumira its approach to Data Visualisation.
The UK Team also comment on up to date topics and news like this: HOT NEWS: Free HANA for BI Suite? 11 initial questions… and answers. by Andy Steer.
If you are interested in a more personal way of gaining insights you should read Andrews post:  A Hobbits Tale … My journey in dashboards: From Flashy to Few and back again … 
Here you can find more examples:
Integrating SAP Lumira and ESRI mapping to deliver Location Intelligence.
Data Governance
What do you think of their latest posts? Please share your thoughts via comment.

—    by Daniel Vossems, Global Social Media Manager, itelligence AG —

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