SAP Midmarket Summit

SAP Midmarket Summit

Join itelligence at the SAP Midmarket Summit.

Register today to be inspired, explore, interact and engage, and discover new possibilities for your business.

Whether you’re new to SAP software or an existing customer, check out how the new technologies can power and automate business processes for growing companies like yours.

Map Your Own Unique Journey

The innovative virtual environment enables you to plan your online experience to suit your role, industry, timetable, and individual priorities and interests.

  • Listen to customers and SAP keynote speakers
  • Take part in live discussions with experts
  • Network online with fellow business leaders
  • Navigate across different locations to discover use cases
  • Experience the solutions by yourself
  • Book free trials and appointments

You can go where you want, when you want, and engage and interact with content and people as you wish along the way.

Let’s move forward together. Read more and register today for an immersive virtual experience like no other!


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