Webinar – Get more from your HCM solution!

Are you also struggling with tests for new functions and features in your SAP HCM test or training environment, because you don’t have realistic test data available?

For all HR teams who have deployed SAP HCM, there is a consistent challenge to the organisation to develop incremental functionality, maintain the existing solution and to test new business scenarios. For each iteration it is always a challenge to have meaningful test data which is not a replication of employee sensitive data. This lack of data in test or QA systems can lead to limited testing and a failure to fully prove a solution as well as not being able to generate enough test data volumes for stress testing.

The IP development team at itelligence have considered this situation and invested time to develop the it.HCM Transformer solution. Our application provides a simple framework, which can be used to copy and at the same time anonymise data from your productive system into test and training environments. Before copying, you can decide which set of data should be transferred and which fields need to be masked or anonymised. That way you can at any given point in time create a set of test data, whenever you want, without spending a lot of time to create example data manually and the risk of showing sensitive employee data to your developers, testers or training participants.

The solution can be implemented within a day including some training for your colleagues, who will be responsible for the solution in future.  This means that you can be up and running with this solution within a week after your decision to implement it.

Date: Wednesday 30. November 2016
Place: Online
Time: 11.00 – 12.00



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