Webinar – Master data management


Work Smarter. Not Harder!

In many companies, master data lives its own life in the SAP-system. As long as the master data exist in isolated silos, it will develop in different speeds and create conflicts with other data in other silos. The problem is not limited to particular industry, nor in specific business units or departments such as customer service or purchasing. It is a common and generic problem in decision making and processes that are based on unsynchronized master data in the SAP-system, which leads to increased risks, losses and dissatisfaction among customers.

This webinar provides you with insight in how itelligence’s solution it.mds can orientate you company’s master data and contribute to a better management and greater compliance by business-driven workflows and business rules. You also get a demo of it.mds.

Expand your knowledge by participating in the webinar – wherever you are!

After the webinar, there will be an opportunity to ask question and/or come in direct dialogue with the experts. So whether you have a strategic purpose or want to gain specialist knowledge, the webinar will be structured for you and your colleagues to attend.

Date: Tuesday February 28th 2017

Place: Online – you receive a link after registration

Time: 3-4 pm

Please note, this webinar will be held in English.

The webinar is free of charge.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.