itelligence it.train team wins second price at the SAP Train Race –Review part 1

The post was written by John Wientjes 

The solution of our team ‘it.train’ won the second price at the SAP Train race. The team members were: Ludwig Heinz, Daniel Schön, Tobit Kollenberg and John Wientjes. Cap Gemini won the first price with their project ‘Ace on wheels’. The third place was for CompriseIT with their ‘Inebriati’ project.

it.train is a solution based on SAP Netweaver Gateway and ObjectiveC for the iPad app, and 4.0 for the web application. This application was an actual business-case for intelligence for the education solution Edictis (based on SLcM). Within the application tutors and students login in the application. The application is showing the schedule for the current day, current week of a particular day week.

On the schedule the students/teachers can click for a detailed view of the course they are clicking. Within the course detail view, there are options to show the attendee list, tutor details and a floorplan to the classroom. The tutor could then edit comments for the course, so students can see additional information for this course. All data was provided by the SAP backend system.

Because the whole SAP Train Race was dripping of social media aspects, we have build in Twitter functionality and a YouTube feature in which the tutor can link videos that are relevant to the course. Our it.train Team had won 3 prices for  social media performance during the race. One price for Ludwig (a Microsoft wireless ArcMouse) and two prices for John (a Microsoft wireless ArcMouse and Adobe Lightroom 3 software).

The Inebriati project of CompriseIt was a interesting one. This application connected to the social media (Twitter, Facebook etc..) and was ‘measuring’ the  emotions of the post. Were the tendencies negative, than everything went red. Was everything positive, everything went to ‘two glasses of booze’ (The motto of the Train Race was: Everyone will get creative after two glasses of beer). All things were stored in the audit module if SAP.

The ‘Ace in wheels’ project of the first price winners Cap Gemini. It was a ‘travel agency appointment’ application in which customers could ask for an appointment to book their travel. They had a role play as presentation in which the team members played the role of customers, CEO and system administrator/webmaster. This application was build for mobile devices and web.

That’s it for now… will continued soon in part 2 of this post

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