Drag & Drop-Solution Simplifies Data Consolidation

With Alteryx, a company's analysts and data users have a single, intuitive tool to combine and consolidate both internal and external data sources before analysis and visualization

Data Consolidation Is Moving from IT to Business

Alteryx and itelligence have entered a close partnership that makes it even easier to make decisions based on data from both internal and external data sources.

Alteryx is a self-service tool that ensures data quality and consolidates data from different sources. Alteryx makes it easy to prepare and verify data prior to analysis. Alteryx minimizes IT staff involvement when preparing data, moving data consolidation out of the IT department and into the individual business units.

From Raw Data to Business Decision in Mere Hours

With Alteryx, data analysts and experienced users can prepare, combine, and analyze data from sources that include Excel, ERP and sales tools, Hadoop, social media, and Google Analytics. This data can be benchmarked against third-party data such as industry economic statistics. When the data is ready, it can be exported for use with a BI front-end tool such as Tableau, Qlik, SAP or Excel, where the data can be analyzed and visualized.

No matter where the data comes from and where it will be used, the intuitive user interface with drag & drop functionality means that it now only takes a few hours for a business to move from raw data to specific responses to data queries.

Have You Experienced One or More of These Challenges?

  • Does it take a very long time – often weeks — to prepare data for analysis from many different sources such as spreadsheets, ERP systems, and cloud applications?
  • You do not have a unified analysis platform that allows you to combine external and internal sources and perform data and predictive analyses based on internal and external data — all in one process.
  • You have invested in one or more BI front-end tools for visualizing data but are not reaping the full benefits of your total investment because data collection and consolidation is slow.
  • It is costly to hire data scientists who can manage your business's many demands for more and increasingly complex data analyses.

How We Can Support You

itelligence is one of Denmark’s leading digitalization companies and is a full-service provider of market-leading, agile tools for business analytics. Alteryx is the latest solution in our portfolio. With Alteryx it has never been easier to collect the right data and perform qualitative and visual analyses in individual business units.

We have for many years provided consulting services and implemented tools for data analytics, big data analytics, and predictive analytics, and we have the expertise to ensure your business’s access to precisely the data you need – efficiently and with quality assurance.

Want to Try It Out?

Alteryx is subscription-based software, so companies can easily prepare, mix, and analyze data from many different data sources and experience the advantage of better data-driven decisions.

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How Our Analytics Customers Benefit from Us

NetDesign, Copenhagen, Denmark

The new Qlik based BI solution creates transparency for everyone involved. Both management and consultants can follow the numbers. These numbers create the foundation for conversations on management meetings and between management and employees.

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COWI, Kongens Lyngby, Denmark

It could have been a challenge to the project, building on the latest version of SAP BusinessObjects. At the project start-up, hardly any Danish company had tried the new version. But itelligence had solid experience and best practices in place, and it never became a problem.

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Synoptik, Herlev, Denmark

Synoptik has had a strong cooperation with a team of consultants from itelligence. The Qlik technology opens a fast and intuitive way to knowledge and Synoptik preferred to let the itelligence consultants finish the development of the applications for the business users.

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Waoo, Tilst, Denmark

Waoo delivers TV, broadband and phone services to 250,000 end customers, and with the knowledge drawn from every-day data the company can reduce time-to-market on product introductions and increase the level of service towards the customers.

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With SAP BPC all master data work off the same basis, meaning for example that ‚subscription‘ accounting processes now use the same account numbers. One solution for all, with everyone using the same standardized reports for their business.

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NHS Professionals

The upgrade has allowed NHS Professionals to analyse SAP BusinessObjects metadata far more effectively. They have access to trusted data discovery, self-service and they are able to benchmark performance with enhanced visualisation technology.

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Department for Transport

The Department for Transport uses one solution, leveraging SAP BPC to support reporting and SAP BPC is regarded as a business critical MI system.

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Spire Healthcare

SAP BPC has accelerated Spire Healtcare's business planning and created a single version of the truth by centralising their planning processes. Now they have the ability to quickly and efficiently update their monthly forecasts.

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Turkcell Global Bilgi

A fast, high-performance budgeting process with SAP BPC 10.0 and SAP HANA technology.

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The 77 people with budget responsibility are working in a system that is as user-friendly as Excel; “behind the scenes” the data is linked intelligently and automatically. This means that SEAS-NVE can budget much more on the activities that drive them.

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