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Gain Full Value From All HR Data With HR Analytics

Dedicated HR systems give insight into HR data, secure compliance and strengthen strategic planning

Overview and Insight into Your HR Data

HR Analytics is a new and intelligent BI platform for HR, which strengthens the companies’ day-to-day insight into HR data and the long-term strategic planning of HR initiatives. HR Analytics eliminates the need for Excel sheets and guess-work concerning HR related questions and challenges, gives overview and insight and secures all personal data so that you are compliant with GDPR.

The employees are the backbone of any organization. It is the employees who develop and drive the company onward. This is why it is important to the company’s strategic planning to have as much knowledge as possible about them. HR generates large amounts of valuable data about the employees and their lifecycle in the company. But more often than not, the company does not use the data – or in the best cases the data end up in an Excel sheet for reporting. If you want to get the full value of your HR data, you need to take the data from the Excel sheet and put it into a dedicated HR system.

HR Can Plan the Future

Which talents does the company need – now and in the future? Is it the salary that drives the employees? What is the risk that key employees are leaving the company?

HR Analytics is a standard tool that creates an overview and analyzes HR data. The HR department gets insights into the employee lifecycle in the company and gets the ability to map both strengths, competencies and the next educational offer as well as the risks of an employee resigning and the possibilities for retaining him or her and this for each individual employee. With HR Analytics, the companies get a better and more efficient way to handle talent development, performance measurement and retention of employees. But it is just as important that HR Analytics can find the data connections between different data sources and thus better predict what kind of employee and which qualifications the company will need in the future. The key word is planning.

HR Analytics is relevant for both smaller and larger companies. The more complex the company structure, the more value you will get. The tool works without problem both with SAP and other ERP solutions.

Do You Experience One or More of These Challenges?

  • You lack a security concept that favors all HR data and makes you compliant with HR?
  • You need to work more strategically with HR data. Do you have insight into what motivates your employees, why employees terminates their job or the need of skills in the coming future?
  • You use Excel for a long time to export data that can be used for reporting, but not analysis or predictions.
  • You have difficulties predicting the skills you need in the coming years, whether it is in-house or you should look for them externally.

Employee File Management – Simple Overview and Sharp Management of HR Activities from PeopleDoc

Fast Overview

It can be a challenge to gather all documents containing data about the employee’s life cycle in the company – onboarding, performance management goals, salary and compensation and offboarding. Both with or without an HR solution. Data has to be gathered from different systems – or worst case scenario – from different excel sheets – and the delivery of HR services is slow and can be faulty.

In order to ensure a comprehensive overview of each employee and automate HR activities, companies can benefit from using Employee File Management (EFM) developed by PeopleDoc.

Employee File Management boosts the delivery of HR services. Employee File Management gathers all employee related documents in one employee file – in one view – no matter what IT system or HR solution the data comes from. All HR documents can be found within seconds and all employee related activities, such as interviews and education, can be planned automatically at the right time. With Employee File Management it is easy to support all employee related processes and workflows, which cannot be handled in SuccessFactors or other HR solutions.

Define Rules and Rights

Employee File Management complies with the demands of GDPR in regards to due diligence and handling of personal data. Documents concerning former employees are automatically deleted at the right time. Rules and roles are defined so that the right people have access to the right documents.

Furthermore, with Employee File Management, HR documents like contracts and working agreements can be set up quickly and efficiently, and digital signatures can be handled by means of the tool DocuSign when documents need to be signed electronically.

Do You Experience One or More of These Challenges?

  • You need one single overview of all HR related documents
  • You need to define roles and access so that the security surrounding HR documents is unambiguous.
  • You want to secure HR documents in connection to external auditing
  • You want to automate the planning of education, interviews and other activities regarding each individual employee
  • You want a solution that can handle digital signatures in an easy and fast manner when it comes to signing HR documents electronically

3D Cube – HR Insights At the Speed of Business

HCM Data In, Actionable Analytics Out!

Most HCM environments are a combination of multiple systems, including HRIS, Payroll, Recruiting, Goals, Performance, Learning, Succession, and more. Synchronizing HR and related systems at the speed of business requires an agile and multi-faceted strategic approach.

The volume of HCM data and its complexity increase as applications and business demands grows. 3D Cube is a reporting, analytics, and data visualization SaaS platform designed to unify hybrid human capital and ERP data environments.

Seamlessly Integrated

3D Cube is designed to integrate with any HCM solution, in particular the best-of-breed platforms. No matter what combination of hybrid HCM systems you have in your organization – Lawson HR, Oracle etc. – 3D Cube can unify the data from those systems into one reporting and analytics solution.

For example, 3D Cube is can easily integrate with your SAP SuccessFactors HCM suite. 3D Cube becomes a seamlessly integrated part of your SAP SuccessFactors suite using role based permission security and integrated scorecard tiles that users can navigate to easily from within the SAP SuccessFactors application. Fast, focused and agile, 3D Cube has prebuilt reports and dashboards called results packs to get you started. Alternatively, choose our Data Science as a Service offering and build additional custom analytics that maximize your organization’s results.

Key Features of 3D Cube

  • Data source agnostic
    Any source can be brought into the system including via API, web services or flat file data feed.
  • Point-in-time “snapshots” and type II “slowly changing dimension” (SCD) reporting capability
    View data “as it was” in any time period as well as trend data across multiple time periods. It can be based on any dimension or measure, allowing for greater context and understanding, i.e. trend attrition rate by manager or job over different time intervals.
  • Ad Hoc reporting & analysis
    Create new reports, charts and other analytics using the intuitive 3D Cube visualization tools.
  • Historic data options
    Choose to import single year, multiple years cumulative or rolling data by year or other parameters.
  • Pre-built connectors
    Including SAP SuccessFactors, SAP HANA, IBM Kenexa,, JSON, AJAX, IBM DB2, Oracle and more.
  • Custom measures
    Create non-standard measures, dimensions or attributes.
  • Drill levels
    Drill down to record level data.
  • Data layers
    Create new insights by stacking data sources

org.manager - No More Guessing, Know Your Structure

View Org Charts on Your PC, Tablet or Smartphone

org.manager provides access via an internet browser from any device and enables effortless publication of your company‘s org chart via internet. It also has comprehensive interactive capabilities for all levels of your user population – from executives to super users. For on-the-go or smaller group meetings org.manager (mobile) provides HR personnel and executives with a great tool to display information on an Apple iPad. Suited for daily use, the app gives access to organizational charts as well as more detailed information about departments, employees and positions.

org.manager – Additional Features

  • Detailed view with pictures, diagrams and employee lists
  • Simultaneous view of multiple charts
  • Comparison of several objects
  • Sophisticated printing functionality
  • Quick search

Further, org.manager empowers you to easily calculate critical KPI measures and to display them within your organizational charts. org.manager generates easily comprehensible HR reports with key information like size of workforce, gender distribution, demographic analysis, utilization ratios, budget reconciliations end employee absenteeism. By granting access to specific sections, org charts can become a strategic tool for executives.

Controlling and Reporting

In addition to creating conventional organizational charts, org.manager offers a controlling and reporting function for displaying both performance figures and critical information throughout the company hierarchy. Such data is normally not intended for all employees; in most cases, just for managers. The ‹access protection› add-on allows you to restrict access to certain areas in the organizational charts or information to certain users.

Numerous standard interfaces turn org.manager into a ‹Data Warehouse› for the Human Resources Department, regardless of the nature and number of systems from which you want to take and merge your data. Beside the personnel management system, information from other divisions such as finance, marketing or production can also be considered.

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As an expert and full service provider, itelligence offers everything from project management, implementation and hosting to consulting. Our expert team has broad and profound knowledge about how companies optimize and automate, gain insight and knowledge, and use data efficiently and strategically across the entire enterprise.

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