Newcastle University

Chris Burns, Business Systems Technical Manager, Newcastle University
Our Proof of Concept had to be built around “pain” points ensuring we demonstrated significant performance improvements, giving us confidence that HANA could deliver real time data to our users and free up time to deliver innovative new processes.

Utmaningar och förmåner


  • Current SAP Servers are coming to end of life so investment will be required.
  • The overnight window for business processes was filling up resulting in unacceptable wait times for reports and data
  • System response times noticeably degraded as a result of increasing volumes of data, particularly student related data.


  • SAP Business Suite on HANA including ERP, CRM, SRM and SLcM
  • SAP BW on HANA


  • System Operations efficiency from smaller and faster backups due to database compression
  • Removal of time consuming overnight batches leading to “just do it” running of jobs
  • Delivery of a true picture of the student body in real time
  • Proactive & dynamic Programme Management at the heart of Confirmation and Clearing. A real time view of student offers, for example whether programmes have reached their capacity and tracking those with desired targets
  • Improved Responsiveness: Enables staff to give answers to student queries over the phone rather than waiting overnight
  • Remove delays in getting data from SAP to other key systems in our landscape

Newcastle University Case Study

Building the Business Case for SAP HANA in Higher Education

Newcastle University have been using SAP widely across the organisation for over 16 years, using traditional SAP ERP and a range of other modules to manage the back office systems such as student systems, finance and HR. The hardware was approaching end of life and therefore the team felt it was a good time to evaluate SAP HANA to improve current processes and enable the development of new and innovative processes.

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