We knew itelligence had both the SAP partner credentials and global support capabilities to help us achieve our short- and long-term objectives. Helping us make the decision was the fact that the itelligence implementation team consisted of consultants highly skilled in SAP GRC Access Control who had previous experience with multiple implementations of the application during prior releases.

Jim Lindsey, Director, Financial Reporting for TTX

1,500 Employees

A unique and creative provider to the rail industry since 1955, TTX Company is North America’s leading provider of railcars and related freight car management services. TTX is owned by North America’s leading railroads, providing a pool of railcars allowing railroads to conserve their capital for other critical infrastructure needs.


Utmaningar och förmåner


  • SAP GRC Access Control v 10


  • Pre-configured solution for rapid deployment
  • Risk identification capabilities
  • Security and governance of processes


  • Address potential security vulnerabilities
  • Fix Segregation of duties issues
  • Reduce access risk from unauthorized users

TTX, Chicago, Illinois, United States

Accelerating Risk Management Confidence through a Practical Approach and Real-Time SAP® GRC Access Control

About The Project

TTX needed to quickly address several security vulnerabilities that were recently uncovered during a routine audit. They wanted to present a clear strategy to their board of directors demonstrating how they would resolve these issues, but also improve their internal controls at the same time. After researching solutions, they decided on SAP GRC Access Control because of the application’s ability to manage and reduce access risk across the enterprise.

This was the third North American implementation of GRC Access Control v.10. TTX simultaneously implemented this solution along with itelligence’s proprietary solution, which consisted of pre-configured SOX-complaint security roles customized to TTX’s needs.

With these new solutions, TTX now can monitor its financial reporting environment to ensure the reporting of results is high quality and that nothing of an undesirable nature can adversely affect results. The solutions fit all of their needs from a security and compliance perspective.

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Im November 2016 wurde BLEISTAHL mit dem SAP Quality Award in Gold in der Kategorie „Fast Delivery“ für seine exzellente Projektqualität ausgezeichnet. Diese Auszeichnung bestärkt BLEISTAHL darin den Weg weiter mit der itelligence AG zu gehen.

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Johnson Matthey Battery Systems (JM Battery Systems) is a leading supplier of batteries for electric and hybrid vehicles, processing over 70 million cells a year. Part of the Johnson Matthey group, the organisation also manufactures batteries for e-bikes, power tools, and mobile technologies.

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Image Fastbolt Schraubengroßhandels GmbH

Dank it.x-EDIconnect behält die IT-Abteilung bei Fastbolt jeder Zeit den Überblick über alle EDI-Vorgänge und kann bei Bedarf eingreifen und Korrekturen vornehmen.

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