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All businesses are facing new challenges as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Whether you are looking to protect cash flow, reduce cost or require additional resources, itelligence can help.

We are here to support your business with a number of solutions and services to help you respond to the current situation. They are designed for rapid implementation and simple adoption to help you succeed and emerge stronger.

itelligence Human Experience Management Solutions & Services

Get Access to Business Resiliency. The Right Way.

How do we mobilize employees the right way? How and when should we engage our customers?

Lead into a new era of adaption with confidence. From knowing how to engage the employees the right way and remain agile amongst shifting customer expectations, to knowing what your customers need to feel confident about doing business with you again.

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itelligence Solutions & Services

it.password manager - Free Trial

Locked users and forgotten passwords are a major contributor to non-productive employee time. Actually, more than 25% of all Help Desk inquiries are related to password resets or unlocking user manager frees up your Help Desk staff from password administration for your SAP systems. The self-service employee password manager enables users to request an SAP password reset on premise, remotely or using any mobile device.

We are offering a 6 month free trial.

Let it.document handling suite Make Working from Home Easier

Many businesses still handle approvals with manual processes. These tasks include approving invoices, purchase orders, and requisitions. This can be time-consuming and consequently incur unnecessary costs. Additionally, slow approval processes may lead to further issues, such as delayed delivery, which can damage a company’s reputation. This is why enterprises must accelerate these fundamental business tasks with process automation.

Covid-19 Monitoring

A Simple and Managable Monitoring Platform Proves the Applicable Guidelines Are Respected


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