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RDS Grafik– written by Christopher Thomson, Senior Manager Global Business Solutions, itelligence –

I have been with itelligence since 2007 and have always experienced our company to be a leader when it comes to the early adoption of new technologies. And so a few weeks ago…we did it again.

But let me start from where it all began…

Some time ago SAP put a new product on the market called RDS. RDS stands for Rapid Deployment Solution. Yes, I know. Some of you may think that the first two words of that new product do not go well with SAP. But take it from me…it does.

Let me recap what a RDS actually is:

–          Fixed scope

–          Fixed price

–          Fixed time

These three things bring RDS down to what it is. A very short time to value with low risk and implementation costs.

For more detailed information, I would like to refer you to some great materials we have issued in the past:

Like the blog post of my colleague Klaus Christoph Müller

…OR our infographics on RDS

…OR our RDS Whitepaper

Now, you may ask yourself why I am telling you that itelligence is a fast adopter and what a RDS actually is. Well that has a very simple reason. A few weeks ago SAP, my industry colleagues and I spent a few days on qualifying the itelligence solutions as all-in-one Rapid Deployment solutions.

For our customers this means that we have proven we can implement an SAP solution within 6 months with a fixed price.

Within three days we underwent the highly professional qualification for 11 This may sound easy, but SAP puts up high standards towards their partners for qualification. Not only must we prove to SAP that we have the adequate demo landscape. We also have to prove that we have the know-how in terms of implementation AND Business Processes in each of our countries to implement the solutions. But SAP does not let any of this up to coincidence. Before the actual qualification presentation SAP audits and evaluates us on all of their qualification standards.

It makes me very proud of itelligence to be able to say that we are among the first companies worldwide within the SAP ecosystem that meet the strict standards SAP puts up and that we could prove to SAP that we are able to implement Rapid Deployment Solutions in the real SAP world. Not only did we qualify our existing solutions, but we also gained a member of the itelligence solution family. In addition to our solution for the trade market we also got qualification for a retail solution.

The 11 solutions we qualified apply for our markets in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. But thanks to our great partnership with SAP and our global network within itelligence we can take these results and proceed to undergo the same qualification in our worldwide markets.

Now, not to forget one important thing…what solutions did we qualify?

it.service, it.consumer,, it.retail, it.pharma, it.chemicals, it.manufacturing for Discrete Manufacturing, it.manufacturing, it.metal, it.automotive and it.hightronics.

We will keep you posted here on our blog about our worldwide qualification process.

Oh, and using the words of the late Steve Jobs “just one last thing”:

The solutions are deployable with classic databases, AND with the in-memory platform SAP HANA as a suite on HANA solution…

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