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Status Quo, Trends and New Requirements

Application Management in the face of cloud, DevOps and agile software development

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For years, application management has been at the center of companies’ IT agenda. However, processes and requirements which used to be sufficient for running companies’ operations, are no longer feasible. The digital era demands a new approach to application management; one which helps automate businesses as well as improve agility, speed, and efficiency.

In order to get a better overview of the status quo and future development in the field of SAP application management, PAC questioned 207 SAP and IT managers between July and August 2018 across various countries in Europe, asking about their views and opinions. The study aims to provide a current overview of how companies are maintaining and refining existing software applications, and what challenges they see in this regard, also in terms of developments such as the cloud, software as a service, DevOps, or agile software projects.

Show me insights and trends in application management

The study gives you an overview about:

  • What are the most important insights in Application Management in the European market?
  • What is the status quo of Application Management (relevance of SAP application management, SAP in the cloud, role of IT service providers)?
  • What developments in Application Management can be observed (nearshore vs. offshore, role of new technologies)?
  • What are the new requirements for Application Management Services?

Studie: Application Management in Europa Januar 2019

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