Facts & Figures

Facts & Figures


Here are some facts and figures about our company at a glance:


Digital Transformation

In 2015, the digital transformation provided the impetus for a range of new topics. We saw how e-commerce, e-marketing and omni-channel strategies are catching on within the industry, while interest in business intelligence and analysis tools continues to grow apace. Companies are recognizing that new database platforms can help them to evaluate far greater volumes of information far more quickly. Irrespective of their source. Our Annual Report looks at the various aspects of this process with a market report, some interesting customer testimonials and interviews.

Key figures 2017

872.2 M€

+12.1% higher than previous year

44.1 M€

EBITA-Margin: 4.5%


December 31, 2017


Corporate Governance

Although the shares in itelligence AG are no longer listed, the Board of Management and Supervisory Board of itelligence AG identify with the objectives of the German Corporate Governance Code and decided to issue an annual declaration on the German Corporate Governance Code, although the listing of the itelligence-shares has ended in the fiscal year 2013.




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Head of Mergers & Acquisitions
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33605 Bielefeld
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