Master Data – everybody needs it, nobody wants to handle it?!

Would you go to work in a building looking like this?

Probably not!

Let us just put this picture aside for a minute and talk about Master Data.

Companies strive for high performance processes and reliable business analytics.

A lot of efforts are put into designing transactional processes that supports the business. Designing analytical KPI’s, reports, dashboards, etc.

The result is often discouraging, the processes do not run as expected, the business analytics are unreliable and decisions are made based on gut feelings.

Poor Master Data quality is very often the root cause giving both problems in running processes correctly and doing reliable business analytics.

Integrated systems in common and especially SAP are very dependent upon high quality in Master Data in order for processes and analytics to be correct.

SAP provides a unique data model – allowing flexibility and multiple companies in one system. However the Master Data maintenance process is complex and time consuming.

SAP provides data migration tools which ease the transition during implementation.

No SAP tool exists that allows managing Master Data with high quality, consistent, aligned to the business processes and with full enrichment of Master Data.

Being left alone with this maintenance tasks leads to all kinds of data quality errors: Inconsistent data, wrong spent analysis, incorrect version control, wrong billing data, error in lead times, wrong planning data, wrong campaign prices.

And what about governance issues? Where and how are the rules for creation and maintenance of Master Data documented? How do you ensure that only allowed fields are changed and changed in accordance with the rules? Who is allowed to create Master Data and how do you ensure that Master Data are validated and approved by the correct departments? Are you able to document which Master Data are changed and why?

And now back to the picture with the poor foundation…

If you don’t want to go to work in a building looking like this: Why do you want to build your company based upon a Master Data foundation which is unstable and looks similar to the picture?

I don’t know – but I guess other competing projects are more appealing to the decision makers!?

Learn more about Master Data here:

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