We are partners with the entire automotive industry. You can benefit from our SAP expertise whether you produce vehicles or supply components. In addition, if you engineer the parts, construct or maintain vehicles and machinery, we can help. Our years of industry experience can shorten your product development cycle and accelerate innovation. And we’ll help you collaborate successfully with your global network of customers and suppliers.

Speed up your product innovation

Our expertise is helping the automotive industry meet the demand for better-performing, greener and cheaper-to-run vehicles. Market competition is intense and every manufacturer needs to improve the driving and ownership experience. Speeding up product innovation, no matter how complex your supplier network, is vital to stay ahead of customers’ expectations. We tailor SAP solutions that help you innovate. As a result, you can be more competitive, improve quality, minimise the risk of product failure and be faster to market.

Optimise manufacturing

Across the world, we work with vehicle makers, automotive suppliers and engineers. Our SAP experts help the industry to deliver lean and just-in-time production. We integrate systems that bring together people, data, processes and tools such as CAD. And with SAP solutions, you can save time and reduce waste in both mass production and custom design methods. As a result, you can gain more control over your logistical chain for even the most complex, interdependent and global manufacturing processes.

Optimise your supply chain

As an SAP Global Partner, we can facilitate strategic sourcing and improve operational procurement. In the automotive industry, transparency is critical to achieve these goals. It’s also the key to efficient partnerships and managing supply chains effectively. With scheduling agreements and electronic data interchange (EDI) web-based portals, you can see clearly and act decisively. The right SAP solution can automate the flow of data and information across your network of suppliers, engineers and manufacturers. As a result, you can see from first-stage supplier to finished product. So you can save on procurement and gain more control of your part in the automotive supply chain.

Collaborate with customers and suppliers

We help automotive suppliers keep the wheels of the industry turning. Our SAP know-how and industry expertise enables them to manage intra- and inter-company supply chains. By adopting SAP solutions and tools that enhance collaboration, supply chains are stronger. This helps to integrate suppliers and vehicle manufacturers. And working closer together builds strategic partnerships that last longer. This ‘collaborative engineering’ approach makes it easier to meet legal requirements across borders. And automating and standardising processes can reduce costs.

Increase customer satisfaction

With our SAP know-how and automotive industry expertise, we understand that you’re driven by customers’ increasing expectations. In a globalised, competitive industry, they demand an improved driving and ownership experience. For your automotive supplier network, this means you need to be receptive to every customer relationship. For instance, providing a reliable, consistent and flexible service for your after sales service. Reducing delivery times for service parts, automating your maintenance services, speeding up repairs and managing warranties more efficiently. All of which can give you an advantage over your competitors, as well as increasing customer satisfaction.

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