Healthcare & life science

Healthcare & life science

As an SAP Global Partner, we offer unrivalled knowledge of regulations, processes and best practices in the pharmaceutical, healthcare and medical technology industries. We’ve worked with our customers to tailor solutions that improve the management and traceability of product development and production processes. And we can help you fully comply with every regulation in cost-effective ways.

Drive production efficiencies

Every stage of your production can benefit from better operational efficiency. Our experience spans large-scale pharmaceutical production through to specialist medical technology facilities. In each type and stage of production, we can help you save time and money in how you document your processes and methodologies. For your industry-specific needs, such as unique serial number label printing and the production of samples, we can help you identify and implement process improvements. We can also share our expertise in active ingredient and yield management.

Develop new products

Our SAP experts and industry knowledge mean we are the right partner to support your development of new products. We can help you speed up your product innovation so you can be faster to market. It’s important that you continue to comply with all the regulations during your research and development processes, and this is where SAP solutions are proven to help you gain a competitive edge. With quality assurance built into the SAP business management software, you have a fully integrated way to control quality, meet industry standards and comply with regulations for every new product.

Help suppliers work together

The cosmetics, pharmaceutical and medical technology industries share an important characteristic – you need to control quality without compromise across the supply chain. SAP solutions help you meet this challenge by creating a homogeneous system landscape and methodology across suppliers. It also makes it possible to simplify and automate procurement processes. For example, supplier catalogues can be connected into a common interface. The result is shorter procurement times and advanced ordering and reservations – controlled in the system and immediately visible across the supply chain.

Meet every compliance challenge

We can help you comply with regulations, so you can improve your audit trail and trace every phase of production. This includes meeting regulatory and best practices set out by food and drug agencies (FDA). And the validation of software and processes according to goods manufacturing process (GMP) requirements, such as GAMP5 in the pharma industry. In the cosmetics industry, we’ve developed solutions that streamline the compliance with cosmetics regulations, including INCI declarations, product information records and safety reports. And in medical technology, our serial number packaging processes can help you focus on your core business and your customers, and spend less time and money on compliance.

Prioritise quality management

There’s pressure across the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries to speed up the time to market. No matter how fast you work, quality is paramount. And long before your product reaches the customer, you have to validate its quality to regulatory bodies. This is why our expertise of integrated systems and quality management of documents, samples and recipes is invaluable. With a single, company-wide and timely view of key production processes, we can simplify your auditing requirements and regulatory burden.


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