“Digital humans” are next after robots!

Leading speakers including Mert Fırat, Murat Murathanoğlu, Uğur Candan and Tansu Yeğen addressed various aspects of digital transformation, which impacts all areas of life, at itelli.Day, the top digital transformation event of the year.

SAP Global | Platinum Partner itelligence Turkey hosted the itelliDay event on Wednesday, September 18, 2019 in Istanbul. Nearly 600 industry professionals attended the event where digital transformation, the topic on the agenda of both Turkey and the world, was discussed. During the day-long event, more than 40 speakers took the stage to talk about the impact of digital transformation on all aspects of life from art, commerce and sports to human resources, sales, finance and organizations.

“We export exemplary applications that we develop in Turkey” 

In the plenary session that Burcu Esmersoy emceed, itelligence Turkey CEO Dr. Bahri Danış gave the opening address, “We are gathered today with executives from 327 companies with a combined turnover of TL 810 billion. This shows that 20% of the total value created in Turkey is generated by the executives here.” Danış noted that the operations of itelligence in Turkey began in 2012 with a team of 120 people, “We are currently guiding our customers through their digital transformation journeys with a team of 892 employees. In the past, we would boast about implementing foreign projects in our country and today we are rightfully proud to export the exemplary applications we develop in Turkey. Danış likened digital transformation to a hurricane that impacts all industries and continued, “Imagine that everything around us is spinning at 120 km/h and we are all in the midst of this crazy speed. This is exactly the concept that we call digital transformation. However, the terms digitalization and digital transformation are occasionally confused. Digital transformation is a roadmap for how business models change irreversibly through the use of new digital technologies.”


 “If today’s technology was available back then, Hidayet Türkoğlu could have lived an NBA championship”

TV host and sports journalist Murat Murathanoğlu said the technology has also made its mark on sport, and explained that the 24-second rule applied in matches today is based on calculating how many shots were taken by watching numerous games. “When I think about the young people today, the speed of time, but most of all the highly advanced technological products, I anticipate that it could drop to 14 seconds soon.” Murathanoğlu noted that 4 million data are captured by taking 25 photos per second in a basketball game and that studies are ongoing to train assistant coaches using artificial intelligence. Murathanoğlu added, “If the technological advancements of today were available back when Hidayet Türkoğlu was playing in the NBA, he too, like Mehmet Okur, could have lived a championship.”

 “Technology created equal opportunity in arts”

Actor Mert Fırat said, “We are in pursuit of technologies such as electricity consumption, ambient temperature, and early warning systems for fire situations. We reduced the electricity consumption of 55 theaters in Kadıköy (Istanbul), which was previously TL 7 million, to a third thanks to technology.” Fırat explained that they analyzed the viewing habits of theatergoers, “Based on the results we obtained, we are transforming everything from scripts of plays to training actors. We captured equal opportunity in arts through technology.”

“You can’t fly aircraft by looking at only one indicator!” 

Uğur Candan, SAP Turkey Managing Director, said, “Just like how you can’t fly an aircraft by looking at only one indicator, you can’t a manage business with the data provided by only one department, either. To deliver the right experience for both your employees and customers with respect to your brand and products, you need to combine experience data with operational data. When we ask all senior executives every year, ‘Does the product or service that your company offers deliver a unique experience?’, we get a positive response from 80%. On the other hand, only 8% of users respond positively. This difference stems from the fact that operational data such as costs, revenues and sales, and experience data that enable us to understand people’s emotions and thoughts do not foster one another. And therein lies the difference between the experience and the perception we position. Combining Experience Management solutions with back office and front office solutions, and making them communicate with each other via a digital transformation platform will be the solution to the massive problem of today.”

“Industry 5 is coming”

Tansu Yeğen, UiPath, EECIS Region, Vice President, said, “The entire world is going through an incredible transformation. We have been talking about this for nearly three decades. And meanwhile, the definition of the 5th industrial revolution is already beginning to take shape. We will soon start talking about how robots and people can exist together. Tansu Yeğen also mentioned the six important technological developments that triggered the transformation and how automation is now in seventh place, “Next up is the automation revolution. 80% of CEOs in the US see automation as their foremost priority. A team of 100 people can deliver a performance equivalent to that of 152 people through robotic process automation while an 80% increase is observed in employee happiness. ”

“Are you sure I’m not a robot?”

Thomas Nørmark, itelligence AG Global Head of AI & Robotics and Director, Innovation & Technology, opened his presentation by asking ‘How do you know I am not a robot?’ and then explained how artificial intelligence applications are humanized. Nørmark mentioned the RoboMe project that itelligence is currently carrying out in-house, “We are working on building our own robot. My robot is already quite famous, participating in programs and taking selfies with artists. But at the end of the day, we are talking about a robot made of plastic. On the other hand, we also work on ‘digital human’ projects. As part of a project with Kia Motors, we developed a digital human named Mia that can understand people’s emotions and reflect its own. If Mia speaks with a customer at a Kia sales point today and then encounters that person again three years later, it remembers the past and picks up the conversation from where they left off.”

CEOs of top Turkish companies on stage.

itelligence Turkey Professional Services, Managing Director Serdal Mermer, said that what lies behind the change and transformation concepts is the goal of being future-proof, “As a matter of fact, the future never happens. It will be shaped by what we do today. This is how we at itelligence see transformation. And this is why we invest $2 billion worldwide and allocate 35% of our annual revenues in Turkey in R&D and innovation, and develop the technologies that will design our future already today.” Nicolaj Vang Jessen, Executive Vice President, and Masahiro Yanagawa, Executive Vice President, Global Partnerships at itelligence AG, along with Amere Oakman, Managing Director, Project Services & AMS, and Fatih Irak, Sales Director at itelligence Turkey were also on stage in the plenary session of itelliDay.

itelliDay continued with three parallel sessions on digital transformation, innovation and customer experience. In the first session in the “Leader Talks” section, Koçtaş CEO Alp Önder Özpamukçu, CarrefourSA CEO Kutay Kartallıoğlu and Teknosa CEO Bülent Gürcan discussed their projects that lead digital commerce. Penti Giyim CEO Mert Karaibrahimoğlu, Silverline CEO Mustafa Laçin, Faydasıçok Holding Chairman Naci Faydasıçok and Norm Holding Deputy Chairman Nedim Uysal shared their digital transformation projects that became success stories. And finally, in the session on leaders driving innovation, Daimler AG SAP Group Manager Halit Musluoğlu, Borusan Holding Group HR Head Nursel Ölmez Ateş and BSH Regional IT Business Partnering Manager Doğan Akbulut talked about their activities that steer technology toward the future.

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