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With integrated, cloud-based analytics solutions, it is possible to gain actionable insights from your data easy, fast and secure.

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Cloud Based Analytics Solution

In the technology age we are in, data has a constantly changing, developing and increasingly mobile structure. It takes a lot of time to manually interpret this structure, which is getting more complicated every moment. Most firms have difficulty on visualizing data from different business processes for use in decision making processes. In addition, it is not easy to share the information meaningful from the data stacks with the decision makers. All these slow and inefficient data analysis and decision making processes can cause you to open a window of opportunity to your opponent and increase uncertainty in your processes.

SAP Analytics Cloud provides a complete transparency in processes, instant data and simplified decision making in companies’ success. This success not only offers a single and integrated experience in business intelligence and planning processes, but also strengthens the end user by providing maximum usability and agility.

New Generation Analytics Solution

SAP Analytics Cloud is a new generation of cloud-based analytics that combines all analytical capabilities in one solution. It provides end-to-end discovery, visualization, planning and forecasting functions and decision making processes based on accurate analysis. Built on the SAP Cloud platform, SAP Analytics Cloud helps to process, interpret and position all the data stacks scattered across the company.

Why SAP Analytics Cloud?

In the digital economy, it is not enough to have more data to compete and succeed. In order to achieve success and make the right decisions, you need to transform the data you have into meaningful forecasts, improve your decision making process and take quick action.

With SAP Analytics Cloud, you can make your decision making process on a single screen, and you can provide users with capabilities such as discovering, predicting, predicting and planning. You can take action by analyzing your data in a meaningful way by accessing the system from wherever you want, whether you are with the customer or on the board of directors.


  • Discover, design, plan and predict in one solution!
  • Get answers to all questions instantly wherever you are, at the customer or at the board.
  • Make new and meaningful forecasts by providing instant access to all data.


  • Discover new and better ways to make data meaningful. Create an infrastructure that not only engineers but all your employees can easily use.
  • Respond by adopting new developments and opportunities without wasting time.
  • Get meaningful insights to quickly switch to the moment of decision.

SAP Analytics Cloud in Strategic Planning Processes

Easier, Fast and Effective Decision Making Processes

SAP Digital Boardroom

SAP Digital Boardroom, a function of SAP Analytics Cloud, turns board meetings into an interactive experience. Using real-time analytics and predictions, managers can access crucial information that will make a significant difference in competition.

SAP Digital Boardroom visualizes the potential results of the decisions to be made and turns them into meaningful information that can be planned. With these features, decision makers can examine possible scenarios and make the right decision at the right time.

Details about our cloud offerings

SAP Analytics Cloud Solution Main Features and Functions


  • It facilitates the planning and cooperation process between departments.
  • It helps to increase financial performance with its prediction and visualization feature.
  • It enables the integration of financial applications with data suitable for processing.
  • It enables faster and easier analysis of variables.

Sales and Marketing

  • It ensures the determination of the most sold regions and accordingly planning the campaign budgets.
  • Its advanced forecasting capability provides accurate sales forecasts.
  • It enables you to create an integrated management system by transferring data suitable for processing to CRM applications.

Human Resources

  • It provides future budget and cost planning by determining the per capita expenses.
  • It provides basic performance management process based on data.
  • It aims to increase employee loyalty as a result of data-driven decision making.


  • It provides estimations of contract expenses to be made.
  • It ensures that the data suitable for processing are imported into the relevant purchasing applications.
  • Helps manage non-contract expenditures.

itelligence SAP Analytics Cloud Ready-to-Use Package Solution

itelligence SAC Starter package gives you real-time access to your on-premise or cloud based data. You can obtain dynamic and visual analysis based on your main fields of activity. You can intervene in the analysis instantly, make faster decisions and make sharper forecasts thanks to a single data access point. With the SAC Starter Package, you can plan all your plans more simply, more effectively and in real time.

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