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Embrace Digitalization to Lead the Change!

Just a few years ago, IT was considered little more than a supporting act. You needed to keep your systems running, while dealing with increasing user demands and ever tighter budgets.

Digitalization has disrupted former processes. If you accept the challenge and rise to the task, you can now establish yourself as your companies’ most valuable transformational force. You can lead management along a digital strategy that you create. This is made possible by delivering and building upon technologies like cloud, analytics and mobility; as well as visionary ones like artificial intelligence, blockchain, and augmented reality.

The big question is: How do you achieve this without being bogged down by your daily tasks?

Application Management Services have become crucial to this. To find out why, let’s have look at the three most important areas of change:

IT Operations: It’s All About Agility

As a CIO, you’re at the center of change: You are transforming your own role from day-to-day IT operations, to setting a vision for your companies’ technological future. But while you’re on your way to becoming a business enabler, these everyday operational tasks don’t just vanish. In fact, with IT landscapes today spanning on-premise, private, and public cloud infrastructures, operating them has become more demanding than ever. Making sure your IT is stable, cost-efficient, and performs optimally is challenging. Especially as a rising number of external service providers need to be handled. What’s more, keeping and finding expert staff becomes harder every day.

Agility is key to solving this issue. And the key to staying agile in IT operations is managed services. Ideally, you lay ownership and operation of your IT infrastructure in the hands of a trusted partner. This gives you complete transparency over performance, uptime, and security metrics – all whilst reducing overhead and increasing reliability.

How We Support Your IT Operations

Our experienced SAP application consultants make sure every issue in your SAP landscape is resolved quickly. Whether you have the classic SAP Business Suite or already use SAP S/4HANA, we take care of efficient incident management, request fulfillment, as well as change management.

Based on ITIL best practices, you eliminate user-based errors and remedy application faults, e.g. due to incorrect master data or configuration settings. And your users receive support in day to day SAP operation.

The starting point is structured knowledge transfer. After that, local and global AMS experts are on hand 24/7 to answer your inquiries.

As a result, you reduce your service costs as well as the number of software problems and risks. Furthermore, you receive first-class, individual support from personal points of contact.

Keep Your Operations Safe

Security First

Digitalization is now fully underway. But how does it look from a security perspective? Which measures have to be taken to ensure security within your IT system landscape and throughout all applications and operations?

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77% assign their service providers a transformational role

The customers prefer having an external service provider to take care of more general tasks such as application management and hosting. At the same time, they expect their service provider to deliver transformational application support and accelerating their digitalization.

Source: Trend Study 'Application Management in Europe'

Integration: Uniting People, Business Units, and Technologies

For the digital CIO, IT integration means much more than just making sure your diverse range of cloud and on-premise systems are perfectly connected. It is about bringing together the strategic requirements of your company with the most suitable technology and the right people to achieve your goals. What kind of talent do you need to grow your business digitally? How do you ensure they have the tools they need at the right time? How do you complement your internal staff with external partners in the most effective way? Can you adapt your IT quickly, when a new technology or market opportunity presents itself?

A lot of questions loom around. But there’s good news: Managed services delivered by a trusted, experienced partner may just be the single answer to all of them.

Simplifying Integration: Streamline Routine Tasks

Simplify transition processes and eliminate fundamental challenges - SAP Business ByDesign

Digitalization and increasing globalization lead to more mergers, acquisitions, and divestments, which are complex processes to handle. For this reason, it is crucial to keep all your data managed and secure. And we can help you out in that process.

SAP Business ByDesign enables you to streamline business processes throughout your organization – from CRM to finance, HR to logistics, and procurement to production. Thanks to integrated reporting functions at each level, you always have all key information at hand. Read more about SAP Business ByDesign.

Get our free whitepaper to learn how the cloud simplifies the carve-out and integration of IT systems.

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Automate software tests – with SAP Test Factory

In an agile age, your IT team needs to develop new solutions faster than ever. However, the challenge doesn’t lie in the actual speed of delivery – but in finding the perfect balance between rapid development and comprehensive testing. This helps to ensure a stable release. That’s where our SAP Test Factory comes in. We can support you globally, in all aspects of software quality assurance – whether you develop in the cloud or on-premise. Our end-to-end services, such as test planning, test management, and test automation can give you full transparency through thorough reporting and evaluation of results.

Even with a limited IT budget, you can bring innovative solutions to the market more quickly. And we ensure your new solution works as intended, so that you can begin the development of your next innovation.

Get end-to-end support for your HR tools – with SAP SuccessFactors AMS

The solutions in the SAP SuccessFactors portfolio enable businesses to perfectly adapt their human resource management to Generation Y and digitization. From recruiting to succession planning, talent management is integrated on the basis of precise analysis. It is a central but complex solution landscape that requires special expertise for efficient use.

SAP SuccessFactors AMS helps you manage your HR solutions in the cloud. We advise your team and solve problems quickly and effectively, such as incorrect data sources or false configurations. You can tailor your solution after implementation with custom services. And, we will remain at your side with integrated incident management – allow you the time to focus on taking care of your talent.

Combine cloud and on-premise hassle-free – with Enterprise Application Integration

It’s likely your legacy IT landscape has grown exponentially; perhaps it cannot keep up with changing environments and is no longer applicable as an all-purpose solution. As the specialization of applications progresses, your heterogenous system landscape is spread thin, across a mixture of on-premise and cloud applications.

Our expert advice on Enterprise Application Integration will serve as a guide: By auditing your existing integration scenario we provide a comprehensive overview and present reasonable integration options and alternatives. We can focus on a particular process or cloud integration and deliver concepts and designs.

Either way, you gain a deeper understanding of important integration paradigms and get an interface set-up that can save you money and time.

Provide a coherent, modern interface – with UI and UX services

Long gone are the days when a software product just needed to provide functionality. Today, people expect a great user experience (UX) with an easy-to-use, coherent, and mobile-friendly user interface (UI). A focus on UX and UI can make all the difference in the relationship between IT and business departments.

Maybe your team isn’t up to speed with current trends, technologies, and tools. Or they may simply lack the necessary design skills. With itelligence’s UX and UI services, we advise on best practices, including a design-led, user-centered development process. In a typically 3-day workshop – onsite or remote – we evaluate your specific applications’ interfaces and provide you with improvement recommendations that you can put into practice quickly. We develop a unique UI kit for you, precisely tailored to your individual corporate brand.

Innovation: Become the Business Enabler for Your Company

In the past, innovation was born out of the R&D department. Today, entire business models can originate in IT – putting you in the driver’s seat of business development. But to steer your company ahead you not only need to have an in-depth understanding of your IT infrastructure, but also of your companies’ processes, current markets, and the upcoming needs in every line of business.

Combine that with a strong knowledge of upcoming technologies and their potential – and all that remains is your organizational freedom for innovation. Because pushing innovative solutions into practice is only possible, when your landscape is capable enough. And, if you don’t have to supervise several external partners and always keep a huge number of contracts and SLAs under control.

In cooperation with the right managed services partner, you gain the flexibility and speed necessary to turn new ideas into successful solutions.

We Enable Your Business Innovations

Cloud Development Service

Thanks to technologies such as the SAP Cloud Platform, you can create custom innovations as quickly as users – and the market – demand them. But are your system landscape and software development processes ready for the challenge? What are the technologies, frameworks and tools you need in order to expand on your hybrid IT environment?

We analyze your current situation and give you clear recommendations for landscape and process design – or implement them ourselves.

The result is an optimized cloud development strategy that lets you react faster to new market demands and employee requirements. A cost-effective innovation process.

DevOps plays a huge role in this, since traditional development methods aren’t suited for digital business; we offer workshops on how to bring development and operations teams together. We define scope and strategy for your project and help you execute it.

The IT is the Foundation for Innovation

In an increasingly interconnected world with more and more complex structures and shorter innovation cycles, the base for innovation is the IT. The IT has to be stable and secure, like the foundation of a house.

Stephan Beier, Senior Account Manager, itelligence AG

How European Companies Use Application Management - Trend Study

The new study shows trends and requirements of Application Management given Cloud, DevOps, and Agile Software Development: How do you maintain your applications? What do you want from external service providers? That’s exactly what market researchers have asked IT decision makers throughout Europe. The study “Application Management in Europe” shows the status quo and the future development.

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3 Reasons itelligence Is Your Best Choice for AMS

1. Comprehensive support by a single partner
itelligence is your one-stop-shop for your digital transformation journey and beyond. We support you with managed services in all areas: Whether operation and maintenance, or optimization and innovation. And of course, from on-premise to the public cloud.

2. Local experts available worldwide
No matter which sector or region you are active in, we take care of your solutions. Whether your IT landscape is standardized to a huge degree or completely different in every subsidiary.

3. Long-standing expertise
Years of experience in application management services and cloud services gives us insight into the requirements for today’s IT landscapes. We manage customers of all sizes and in all industries: from German mid-size companies to international corporations.

What Makes Us Stand Out

Amazon Web Services Partner since 2017

Global Microsoft Partner Silver Cloud Platform since 2019

SAP Global Partner for application management services since 2004

SAP Global Partner for cloud services since 2011

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