Operate more efficiently

Operate more efficiently

Markets, trends and customers are constantly changing. If your business wants to get more from less, we will shape SAP solutions, services and technologies to your needs. We call it SAP know-how.

Improve visibility of operations and performance

Our analytics expertise is second to none. We tailor SAP solutions so you can see deeper into how your business operates. With an operation dashboard, you can understand what’s happening day-to-day and minute-by-minute. This clarity and visibility helps you budget, hit your key performance indicators (KPIs) and reach your goals. Plus, you can show that you’re meeting the right targets

Improve quality of products and services

Business management software improves processes, increases control and guarantees consistent quality. As an SAP Global Partner, we offer specialist solutions tailored to quality control in specific industries and countries. And we will help you get more out of your solution with the right mix of analytics and mobility technologies – on-premise, hosted in the cloud or managed by us.

Reduce waste and duplication

Waste reduction is a priority for the wholesale and trade, consumer goods and manufacturing industries. For many businesses, they can operate more efficiently by optimising stock levels. You need a stable, highly available platform to review and analyse stock status any time, and in real-time. As a result, you can avoid wastage (especially perishable goods), shortfalls or over-ordering. All of which increases control of your cash flow.



Eliminate manual processes

Limited access to the different systems that support your business operations can lead to manual workarounds – via email, phone calls and spreadsheets. As a result, you are working with subsets of data that don’t tally from one system to another. With SAP business management software, you can streamline, integrate and automate processes to reduce risk, uncertainty and cost. 



Automate tasks

As you grow, it becomes more pressing to consolidate accounting, customer service and supply chain. On top of this, expansion also demands less labour-intensive processes and the systems to meet regulations in multiple locations. Our SAP solution expertise in automating processes can reduce the time and costs of repetitive and time-consuming tasks. Plus, you can improve financial accuracy, the quality of customer service and your productivity.

Integrate production processes

A complex landscape with stand-alone IT systems makes it harder to streamline processes and production. So we’ve worked with machinery specialists and components manufacturers to increase visibility in make-to-stock, make-to-order and engineering-to-order environments. In turn, this can reduce lead times, integrate the shop floor and optimise material flow. Standardised production processes also make it easier to respond flexibly to customer demand. And every part of product lifecycle will benefit – from idea to development, planning, procurement, production and customer service.



Respond to customer needs

Want to know what your customers are thinking and saying? SAP CRM – cutting-edge customer relationship management software – gives even deeper insights. And when combined with SAP HANA in-memory computing, data analysis that once took weeks now takes minutes. With SAP 360 Customer, you get real-time insights, so you can improve your sales, service and marketing effectiveness in the moment. It also helps you predict and react to customer trends with greater accuracy.

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