Streamline supply chain

Streamline supply chain

With our SAP know-how, your supplier network can be more performance-driven. Work more productively, run your supply chain smoothly and optimise your resources, inventory and space.

Predict and react to changing demand

You understand your customers. You know your market. You see the opportunities. Now you need to be agile to beat the competition. SAP Supply Chain Management (SCM) is designed to help you respond faster to changing market conditions. With a clear picture of your suppliers and logistics, you can find the right demand-to-supply ratio. Demand management software from SAP enables you to forecast, plan, implement, and adjust – if necessary – your supply chain. You can even predict how customers might react to pricing changes and other ‘what-if’ scenarios.

Improve customer service

Bring your customers into sharper focus. Measuring performance will help you integrate your supply chain – from planning to delivery – around your customers’ needs. With metrics on customer behaviour, you’ll have vital insights to increase loyalty. Then you can manage suppliers, logistics and inventory in ways that keep customers happy. And continuously measuring performance helps you reduce risk and keep control of costs, together with improving customer experience.

Manage inventory more efficiently

Avoiding an out-of-stock and an overstock is a constant challenge. Poor inventory management will hit more than your cash flow. It can damage customer satisfaction and loyalty, service levels and your profits. SAP Extended Warehouse Management (EWM) and analytics give you more visibility and control of your inventory. Designed for high-volume warehouses, SAP EWM can help you automate the movements and management of stock from warehouse to destination. So you can balance space and resources, while matching supply with demand.

Reduce supply chain costs

When your business grows, the number of suppliers you rely on also increases. How well you manage these inter-company relationships directly affects your supply chain performance. With SAP Supply Chain Management (SCM), you can command your entire logistics network at a lower cost by increasing visibility and control. And SAP Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) ensures efficient processes and transparent procurement.

Tighten quality control

When you join up your systems, you will also improve your visibility into all the factors that affect product quality across your operations. By linking your quality and production systems, you can tighten your grip on quality control by measuring supply chain performance. With business management software from SAP, you can connect disparate parts of your business and make collaboration second nature. As a result, you can speed up decision-making from the shop floor staff to operations managers. The right information to the right people, just when it’s needed.

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