Apple and SAP? A combination of Apples iBooks 2 and a Sales App.

To use Apple’s iPad for business is not a new invention. The advantages to access to your SAP with a mobile device become more and more popular. So not only Apple’s iPad is a success-story for business itself, even Apple’s applications are useful to integrate your business.  Apples newest application is iBooks 2, an interactive eBook-application only for iPads. So why not use these iBooks 2 for business issues? This blog entry shows an example usage of iBooks 2 with a Sales App.

What is iBooks 2?

Apples’ iBook combines the content of normal books with interactive elements, such as videos, 3D-objects, images and more. Even the integration of Keynote presentations is possible, too. To create an iBook a Mac and Apple’s iBooks-Author application is necessary. The creation of most of the interactive content is just drag-and-drop. A lot of templates are available and with the intuitive usage of Apple’s iBooks-Author even inexperienced users are able to create content.

What are the benefits for business?

The usage of an iBook is perfect for any kind of product-presentation. You can easily keep the content up-to-date, save the costs for printing and use different kinds of interactive content. By visiting a customer a salesperson can check the orders and can also present new products in an interactive way.

How to integrate iBooks and SAP?

With our team we implemented one way to integrate an iBook link directly in a Sales App. The screenshot illustrates the combination of iBooks in an iPad-app.  With this way it is not necessary to switch between the applications, you can link an iBook to a product (SAP data) and open it out of your iPad-application. To keep the application small, the app can load the iBook from a server.  To download it, a link in the SAP basic product data references to the iBook where the newest version of the iBook is stored.

For more information visit us at CeBIT  2012, 06-10 March in Hannover, Hall 4 booth C 04 and Hall 5 booth C25

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