VanBerlo, Eindhoven, Netherlands

Pascal Snelders, Financial Director
We're glad to have chosen an SAP specialist like itelligence. They've been a very involved partner, always helping us to choose the right options from the many possibilities that SAP offers.

Pascal Snelders, Financial Director, VanBerlo

VanBerlo is a creative and strategic partner for a large number of national and international clientes. Be it established brands or exciting startups, the design agency has the appropriate solution.

VanBerlo’s more than 80 employees generate annual sales of about EUR 8 million.

Zorluklar ve faydaları


  • Support structured, efficient growth
  • Incorporate all business processes into a single solution
  • Control costs


  • Reduced time spent on monthly reporting and administration
  • Achieved structured growth, allowing project managers to retain control over business processes
  • Streamlined creative processes with no need for extra hardware investments
  • Enabled anytime access through cloud functionality


  • SAP Business ByDesign

VanBerlo, Eindhoven, Netherlands

Read more about how the design agency VanBerlo managed rapid business growth thanks to SAP Business ByDesign.

About the Project

Supporting Innovation and Sustainable Growth with SAP® Business ByDesign®

Controlled Growth

From established brands to exciting startups, VanBerlo is a creative and strategic partner for a variety of national and international clients. Yet despite its success in the Netherlands and overseas, the company was looking to expand.

“We want to grow and continue to meet our clients’ demands,” says Pascal Snelders, Financial Director at VanBerlo. This is not to say the company was struggling; in fact, its workforce had doubled from 40 to 80 people in recent years. “The issue is that such rapid growth needs to be structured to keep it under control,” explains Snelders.

With this in mind, VanBerlo began its search for a modern, flexible ERP solution. It found this in SAP Business ByDesign. The company then chose itelligence as its implementation partner based on their experience with similar projects. “itelligence represents a reputable partner with a great deal of experience,” claims Snelders.

“I expect the future innovation of SAP to contribute to a large potential market that we ourselves will benefit from. Needless to say, I am very satisfied with this project.”

Pascal Snelders, Financial Director, VanBerlo

Letting the Bright Sparks Shine

VanBerlo has an untraditional company structure where young designers have the freedom to put forward their own, fresh ideas. However, SAP’s authorization process does not allow everyone in a company to make project adjustments. As such, itelligence helped VanBerlo configure SAP Business ByDesign to the enterprise’s needs. This resulted in what Snelders describes as “a user-friendly solution for project management that did not previously exist in the industry.”

A Made-to-Fit Solution for a Modern Company

In addition to being the perfect fit for VanBerlo’s modern company structure, the new solution has a host of other advantages. For instance, it supports all the enterprise’s financial, commercial, and logistical processes and combines the capabilities of SAP with itelligence’s industry-specific best practices. With all this functionality, VanBerlo has no need to invest in any more major hardware or IT administration, thus reducing TCO.

Furthermore, SAP Business ByDesign runs entirely in the cloud, making it available anywhere, at any time, and on any device. Crucially, the solution’s scalability and flexibility offer the structured growth that VanBerlo was seeking. This in turn allows project managers to retain control over all business processes.

The combination of SAP Business ByDesign’s functionality and itelligence’s expertise has given VanBerlo exactly what it wanted – and Snelders is optimistic about the company’s future: “We are certain of being able to continue building on a reliable foundation in the coming years.”

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