Who meets business challenges? People!

Board, top management and international DELTa-networkers at the 2011 annual summer workshop, held this September in Berlin, Germany

If you are following our blog and are interested in what we at itelligence do, you probably already know a good deal about the consulting, hosting and maintenance services industries and the challenges these hold for all of us. With over 20 years of corporate experience in the SAP context, we surely know about the ever increasing complexity of requirements, higher pace of innovation and stronger demands for flexibility that our customers need to handle in order to stay competitive in their markets. But who is to handle flexibility, increasing pace and complexity, all with a growing global dimension? People!

People – such as the management and employees of our customers and also each and every one of us here at itelligence. This is my perspective: How can itelligence as an employer support its employees so that they will be successful in their jobs and provide customers with the best value possible?

The key is: People that fit and with the ability to stretch!

Luckily, we have the right people! People that fit. Fit with itelligence and with our way of doing business and treating our customers and each other – with respect and empathy, an “I take personal responsibility”-attitude and enthusiasm for our products and services.

What’s more important, though, is: Our people fit, because they can stretch. They are willing and ready to learn new things, they love the challenge of doing their job in a different, improved and enhanced way every day. People here at itelligence can grow at itelligence. Just like we have learned as a corporation to become a full service solution provider, individuals here can learn to fill a number of positions and perform great jobs that continue to change along the way. itelligence has long grown internationally and so have our people.

HR development at itelligence

Working at itelligence means, employees can be in it for the long run. Just like we service many of our customers in consulting as well as hosting and maintenance for many, many years, we really like to see employees stay and grow with us. HR training and development in each of our countries ensures that we have the right skills and capabilities to fulfill customer needs. International human resource development programs ensure that we develop our ability to stretch on a global basis. Take our DELTa-network as an example: DELTa stands for: “Develop Expert and Leadership Talents” and is an HR development tool that has helped to establish ties within itelligence for many years now. It trains strategic competencies and provides hands-on experiences in international cooperation. People acquire and enhance these abilities in a safe, training environment. However, by bringing colleagues together, DELTa has become a nucleus of new, international business development. Our people can stretch so high, they sometimes even have their heads in the ‘cloud’ – and that’s a good thing! On a side note, the DELTa-network is also a place where international friendships begin – and let’s be honest: it is always more fun to work with friends!

As an HRD manager and a long-term itelligence employee, I invite you to talk to us, if you want to find out, what makes itelligence special as a place to work. Please, also talk to us, if you need to know, how our great place to work translates into superior value delivery for you as a customer.

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